Benito Castro brothers: Who are the relatives of the Mexican comedian?

Discover who the brothers of Benito Castro are, a Mexican actor and comedian who died at the age of 77 as a result of a severe fall.

Benito Castro is one of the most recognized comedians and figures in the entertainment industry in Mexico, and with his sudden death, many are wondering about his career and personal life, including his siblings and family.

Benito Castro was a talented Mexican artist who shone in various artistic disciplines, from acting to music and comedy. His most iconic role as “Papiringo” in the famous program “La Güereja y algo más”, in the company of actress María Elena Saldaña, catapulted him to fame.

In addition to his outstanding participation in “La Güereja y algo más”, Benito Castro left his mark on Mexican television by working on successful programs such as “La carabina de Ambrosio”, “Chiquita Bum” and “Alegría de Mediodia”.

The actor died at the age of 77. Photo: El Universal

His artistic talent was part of a rich family tradition, as he was the son of Arturo “El Bigotón” Castro, a renowned actor from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, known for his participation in iconic films such as “Angelitos del trapezio”, ” The little father” and “The Beverlys of Peralvillo”.

His family’s influence and artistic heritage played a fundamental role in Benito Castro’s life and career, contributing to his success in the entertainment industry in Mexico. His versatility as an artist allowed him to explore different facets of the show, which earned him the love and admiration of the public.

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Brothers of Benito Castro

It should be noted that the Castro family is one of the most media-friendly in Mexico, since everywhere, the family exuded talented artists; both actors and singers who stood out on the stages of the North American country.

It should be noted that confusion may arise with Benito Castro’s brothers, since although Castro was part of the successful musical group “Los Hermanos Castro”, who were Benito’s first.

Now, in addition to that, Castro did have brothers, although not all of them ventured into acting.

Before being called 'Los Hermanos Castro' the group was called 'Los Panchitos'.  Photo: BrandBefore being called ‘Los Hermanos Castro’ the group was called ‘Los Panchitos’. Photo: Brand

Among his family members, his two older sisters stand out: Ana María Castro Hernández and Vicky Castro Hernández, who have left their own mark in different but equally impressive fields.

Ana María Castro Hernández has stood out as an important entertainment company in the world of entertainment. Her vision and passion for the world of art and entertainment have led her to work in the creation and production of memorable events that have captivated audiences everywhere.

For her part, Vicky Castro Hernández has transcended the field of interior design, earning recognition and praise for her work in creating impressive spaces. Her work has been especially appreciated in celebrity circles.

In addition to the contributions of his sisters, Benito Castro also shared family ties with the legendary singer and actor Gualberto Castro, who was part of the legendary musical group Los Hermanos Castro. Benito was not only part of this iconic band as a musician, but he also contributed his talent as a comedian, enriching the show with his artistic versatility.

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