Brazil National Football Players 2023-24 Team List, Names, Salary, Captain

Know the essential information about Brazil national team 2023-24 team list, names, salary and captain of football players from here. After the big defeat in the 2014 Tournament (Semifinal), the team decided not to look back and bring consistency. The team began to improve in games and won several games. In this article, we will discuss the details of Brazil national football players, team roster, captain and more.

Brazil is known for being a country with a fantastic group of footballers. His journey from young champion to winner is well spoken of in football history. The best team shorts are in FIFA.

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The Brazilian Football Confederation administers the games associated with the Brazil national football team. The team has won the FIFA World Cup several times and has become one of the strongest and most powerful football teams. Under the captaincy of Thiago Silva, the team scored 15 goals. The team’s top scorer was Ronaldo Nazario. had played as a forward

The Brazilian national football team is ready to deliver a tremendous performance in the upcoming matches.

We have discussed a favorable list of players below:

  • Luke
  • andré
  • child
  • rony
  • Bruno Guimaraes
  • Malcolm
  • casemiro
  • Alex Telles
  • Lucas Paquetá
  • Vinícius junior
  • richarlison
  • Roger Ibanez
  • Lucas Paquetá
  • weverton
  • alison

The final or pre-selected players will be added or removed from the list. You can browse the leading portal to get the relevant data. This team for the current year is selected according to the goals that the players have achieved in the previous matches, including losses, victories, etc.

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Soccer players are divided according to their specific role on the team, such as center back, midfield, left back, etc. They continue to practice for matches every day to find a suitable solution for the winner. We have shared the complete list of players along with their ages.

Player’s name Brazil national footballer age
child 26
Ayrton Lucas 25
vanderson twenty-one
richarlison 26
Danilo 31
andré twenty-one
alison 30
Pedro 25
Bruno Guimaraes 25
weverton 35
Joelinton 26
Roger Ibanez 24
Alex Telles 30
casemiro 31
Vinícius junior 22
rony 28
Rafael Veiga 27

You will notice here that there are young and older players. Some have a better experience while others are in a new phase. The player list may vary with any future roster. Among all the players listed above, Alisson Ramses Becker is the best player. He had given the supreme performance of him in previous FIFA matches. Another favorite player of all is Thiago. He has excellent technical skills that make him efficient in every game. The world has a wide collection of excellent players, of which two are the most popular.

Of course, football can be a passion for many footballers, but we cannot deny that it is also a way to make money. To have a healthy lifestyle, run a household, etc., a particular set of income is necessary.

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Thus, the players of the Brazilian Soccer Team receive a certain amount weekly or annually for promptly managing their lives. The Brazilian’s salary has not yet been revealed by the owners, so we have shared his market value.

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Player’s name Market value
child 7.00 million euros
casemiro 50.00 million euros
Ayrton Lucas 7.00 million euros
vanderson 18.00 million euros
Marquinhos 70.00 million euros
richarlison 55.00 million euros
Danilo 12.00 million euros
andré 14.00 million euros
alison 45.00 million euros
Pedro €22.00
Bruno Guimaraes 60.00 million euros
weverton €3.00
Joelinton 38.00 million euros
Roger Ibanez 30.00 million euros
Eder Militao 70.00 million euros
Alex Telles €12.00
Vinícius junior 120.00 million euros
Ederson 45.00 million euros
Lucas Paquetá 45.00 million euros
rony 13.00 million euros
Rafael Veiga 14.00 million euros

You can analyze with this set of information that players are earning well according to their profile in the game. Most of the payers are loaned by other teams, which is also a factor in increasing his overall value. Without a doubt, these players are consistent in their game no matter what makes them unique in their own way.

The role of a captain in the Brazil national football team is to lead all the players in the game. Increase team spirit before any particular match. The captain guides the players from time to time so that the team can maintain the rhythm while being on the front line. A captain is basically chosen for his leadership skills, performance, total scores, etc.

These parameters show whether a captain is suitable for the team or not. Thiago Silva was the captain (as a veteran defender) in the previous match. He has appeared in the media several times for putting in vital performances in each and every match he has played.

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The new captain of the Brazilian soccer team is Casemiro, whose market value is 50.00 million euros. It is believed that with his continued efforts, he will be a charmer at every football match. Carlos Henrique Casimiro is a professional footballer (from Brazil) who plays defense in midfield.

The player is quite famous for his power, aggression towards the game and overall work rate. He has always turned his weaknesses into strengths as can be seen in his previous games. The association has selected him for the role of Captain as he fits perfectly in this space. The public and football lovers are waiting to see his tremendous performance in the game.


The next Brazilian National Soccer matches are in the months of September, October and November. The team is prepared to combat the defeat they suffered in the previous match. This time Carlos Henrique Casimiro will lead the team and is hoping to bring new strategies to the game.

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He will guide the players to give their best in the new matches. We hope you got the relevant data from this article. We have tried to cover here the most important aspects associated with Brazil’s national football players.

We have taken this information from vivid Internet sources, so you may experience a slight change. If you like this article, don’t forget to browse the Sports section for the latest updates!

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