Brian Fraser Parents: father Sean Fraser and mother and sister Micaela Fraser

Ever since the MSU shooting incident occurred, he has consistently been in the news. People feel sad for the victims and also for their families. All the victims who lost their lives are university students; that is why the whole world is in mourning and wants justice for them. The police reported that 3 students lost their lives and Brian Fraser was one of them. His siblings and parents are still in shock and couldn’t stomach the fact that he is no longer among them.

Brian Fraser Parents

Death is always cruel to listen to and especially when a loved one leaves the world because of another. We cannot imagine the pain of his parents and all social networks are flooded with condolences and tributes. This deadly mass shooting occurred on Monday, February 13, 2023 at Michigan State University located in East Lansing. Apart from him, 2 other students lost their lives and 5 students were seriously injured. They are currently admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Victims of the shooting at Michigan State UniversityVictims of the shooting at Michigan State University

Many people want to know their current condition. The case has already been filed and the police shared the information about the suspect. The shooter recognized as Anthony Dwayne McRae, 43, also lost his life after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. People want to know the reason for this deadly shooting. The whole world is talking about this deadly shooting and that is why this news is covered by numerous websites. People want to know more about the deceased and his family who are currently in a devastating state.

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Brian Fraser Parents

Brian Fraser lost his life in this deadly incident and his family is heartbroken and devastated by his sudden passing. His family is still processing this tragedy. His father, Sean Fraser, cries constantly after learning of his passing and his sister Micela Fraser is traumatised. Lots of people are texting and calling them, but Micela says her family is in no condition to talk. Her family does not want her name to be forgotten. Jon Dean, the Grosse Pointe superintendent, explained the event as “an unspeakable and horrific tragedy.”

His father made a post on social media and claimed that he soon became a bright and good boy. Everyone loved him and he was kind. In another social media post, the Grosse Pointe South Swim and Dive Team also paid tribute and remembered him. They are completely devastated by his death and want justice for him. Brian was a sophomore at MSU. In college, he served as president of the Phi Delta Theta Michigan Beta chapter. Other than that, the condition of the 5 injured students remains critical.

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