Can a name change save your job? Chinese boss changes name ‘luckily’ and forces staff to do the same or be fired

People do everything fortunately. A little bit of luck was involved, and people walked barefoot on burning coals and even changed the look of their noses. So when a boss in China discovered that luck would surround him if he simply changed his name, he had to seize the opportunity and seize all the luck that came his way.

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The boss changes his name and forces the employees to get new names too

China boss changes name of Luck Forces staff or will be firedunpack

However, the shock was double. It’s not only that, following the advice of a fortune teller, the boss changed his own name, but he also insisted that his employees do the same. The story of the superstitious boss has gone viral across mainland China, leaving people huffing and puffing at his unruly demand to change his employees’ names or put their jobs at risk.

The man in question is Liu Min, president of the Lvdiquan Group, a real estate developer in Shandong province, located in the eastern part of China. Following the advice of feng shui masters and geomancers, Min changed his name. He then forced several mid-level managers at his company to do the same.

Obviously, employees had to comply if they wanted to keep their jobs. The names adopted by Min and his employees shared the same Mandarin pronunciation as the previous ones, but used different characters from the language, as the fortune tellers promised that this change would bring great luck to the company.

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The chief’s old name meant “people”, but was changed to “mountain” in Mandarin.

Liu’s previous name, which meant “People”, was changed to a character meaning “mountain”. However, the pronunciation of his name remained the same. An unnamed employee of the company shared that the boss ordered everyone to address him only by his new name and said that this was already bringing prosperity to the company.

The employee revealed, “He said that the teacher told him that adding ‘mountain’ to his name hinted that he had found a sponsor. On several occasions, Liu said that after adopting this new name, he had become stronger and the company had grown.” better every time. “.

If an employee uses the boss’s old name in documents or reports, they will receive a reprimand from the boss.

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