Can artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence?

There is more and more talk about Artificial Intelligence, especially in recent years. Humans have been brave enough to think about the possibility that robots could do things that humans do for a long time.

Although this has been useful in many ways, have we ever wondered if artificial intelligence could be smarter than humans?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Before you can compare human and artificial intelligence, you need to know what artificial intelligence is. In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the set of skills that a machine needs to be able to perform tasks that a human can easily do.

Some of the things people think AI has now are creativity, learning, and the ability to plan and reason.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for computers and other machines to understand and interact with their environment. In the same way, it is made to solve problems and work towards a certain goal.

Why is artificial intelligence important?

We have been using AI technology for about 50 years. Many things, from business to medicine, have improved thanks to advances.

AI is a key part of the digital transformation that society is going through and is now considered a top priority. If you look into the future of this type of intelligence, you can see that it will lead to further progress in everyday life.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There is still a lot to learn and a long way to go when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. In reality, work is being done every day to create systems that can mimic human behavior so that they can replace manual labor in many ways.

As of now, there are four types of AI, and some of them are already part of most people’s daily lives.

reactive technology

It stands out because it is a digital system that does not remember anything. This type of AI can only perform certain tasks, choices, and calculations because it only knows how to use certain techniques.

It depends on the given information, which you have all the facts to verify. Basically, this type of artificial intelligence is used to find the most accurate answers to a specific set of questions.

artificial intelligence with limited memory

It is a type of AI that can “remember”. Thus, you can learn to act and prepare for different functions, tasks or requests. There is no unlimited amount of memory. Because of this, it still can’t be compared to how people remember things.

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These types of systems can help you learn as you use them. Its algorithms are made to look at the needs of the user and the tasks assigned to it and decide how to respond.

This type of AI is clear in things like smart cars. Also, you could talk about the robots being used to deliver packages or couriers right now.

Understanding of human thought.

It is about being able to feel and think, as well as having a certain level of consciousness. Until now, this AI model has been the main goal of science. But right now, it hasn’t been able to grow to its full potential.

The main goal is to create technological systems that can decide and plan different tasks a little more by themselves, not just by using information.

self-aware artificial intelligence

When talking about AI, this is the most important way to look at it. To do this, science needs to know everything there is to know about how the mind works.

People think that once all the secrets of human consciousness are known, it will be possible to create an Artificial Intelligence that can copy and repeat patterns on its own.

Artificial intelligence in daily life

Almost everything we do every day now has something to do with AI. Artificial intelligence is used in software, apps, and even the way some household appliances work to make life so much easier.

At the business level, AI has played an important role in promoting marketing and making some tasks easier by taking over the work that people used to do.

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence compared to human intelligence?

People have been “imagining” a world ruled by machines since long before AI was invented. But it is clear that this has been thought of, at the expense of the people.

That’s why every time AI takes a step forward, many people say that the machines will be revealed too soon, like in the best movies. Many people say that this could lead to less work and less freedom for people.

But even though this is just speculation for now, there is a real question that is always on people’s minds: Will AI ever be smarter than the human mind?

The answer to this question has been studied by people who know a lot about it. In fact, the next few years will be when AI makes the most interesting progress.

What does Artificial Intelligence need to be equal to human intelligence?

Before AI can reach the level of the human mind, it must be able to learn to understand, not just do.

The AI ​​has a lot of issues that don’t stop it from getting better, but do slow it down and make it harder to reach the goal of autonomy. So far, the biggest problem with AI is that it can’t do much.

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From a very early age, a baby can put a toy cube in the correct hole, differentiate between different animal sounds, and use what it learns in different situations.

But artificial technology doesn’t know how to respond to situations without first being trained.

So if an AI system can’t learn in different ways that work for different situations, it can’t use what it learns in other areas and activities that it wasn’t programmed to do.

Despite this, work in this field continues to improve. But artificial intelligence still has a long way to go before it can compare with human intelligence, let alone replace it.

Changes in Artificial Intelligence in the future

Artificial intelligence research experts at the University of Oxford say the finish line is not far away.

In the same way that AI was thought to be essential for many daily tasks of humans, they say it could take at least 50 years for AI to completely surpass the human mind.

Researchers around the world were asked what they thought about AI and the results showed that the long-awaited goal for science could be achieved in 45 years.

From that moment on, Artificial Intelligence would already be more advanced than the mind of any person.

not everything is positive

While this ambitious plan is a huge step forward in world history, there is a “but”. These researchers said that the AI ​​would not be able to beat a human at the game of Go until at least 2027.

But, to the surprise of many people, this became possible much earlier, in 2015. Therefore, these predictions are not always accurate and should not be taken at face value.

In the same way, people thought it would only take 40 years to create the first cold fusion. But this field has been around for over 50 years and it’s still not real.

This example is related in different ways to what is happening right now with AI. People tend to think that big changes happen every forty years. This number has to do with the possibility of working life around the world.

Because of this, predictions show that the change will occur after the careers of those currently relying on AI development have ended.


So far, there is no clear answer to the question of when AI will be smarter than humans. But one thing is certain: it will happen. Researchers from around the world have discovered that this goal can be achieved before the end of the 21st century.

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