Casa Bonita Restaurant announces waiting list, overloaded website

Many are looking for the details of the reopening of the Casa Bonita restaurant, but we do not yet know when the Colorado restaurant will reopen. However, you can know what the wait number is since the restaurant’s website shares the wait list data. The official website for Casa Bonita restaurant is, but it was blocked after the restaurant posted a tweet on Friday. The post was to announce the restaurant’s waiting list. Meanwhile, the restaurant site became overloaded and crashed. It seems that people are looking forward to the reopening of Casa Bonita. Learn more about the Colorado restaurant. Move to down.

On Friday afternoon, the restaurant tweeted: “While we beta test Casa Bonita, we will be opening with limited dine-in hours. Our first guests will be drawn EXCLUSIVELY from our email list. No walk-ins.” Users tried to sign up for the Casa Bonita email list, but were met with an error while doing so. The restaurant is currently not offering dine-in or walk-ins as it is undergoing renovations. However, CBC Colorado’s Spencer Wilson shared a behind-the-scenes look at the newly renovated restaurant. The scenes showed a pink castle, a window and the divers. Scroll down and read more details.

Casa Bonita Restaurant

After experiencing the renovated pink castle, CBC Colorado’s Spencer Wilson said the pool area is the same but the interior of the pool has changed. Previously, there were small steps under the 4-foot-deep water so divers would have something to look at, but now it’s a deep pool that will allow more divers to dive in at the same time. Spencer said it’s an amazing turnaround because we saw a couple of divers take off while holding on to each other. The second thing Spencer thought about was the sopapillas, which are still intact and fluffy. He scrolled down and read what he saw in the no-camera area of ​​the renovated Casa Bonita restaurant.

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Spencer said there is still room for the lines for cashiers and food, but the change now is that the ticket windows have been increased to 8, which would make things easier and faster. Entire complex increased by 400 square feet from 5,200 square feet to 5,600 square feet. Now, no room for food, now you can watch your food being prepared quite similar to Mexican restaurants where people watch their food being prepared from behind glass. Not least, Casa Bonita restaurant is now ADA compliant. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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