Chicago teacher who threatened to kill Donald and Barron Trump bullied former first son at their high school: report

A former Chicago social studies teacher who was arrested for threatening to shoot former President Donald Trump and his son Barron “straight in the face” was also allegedly harassing the 17-year-old at his Florida high school.

Tracy Marie Fiorenza, 41, traveled to West Palm Beach in March and began asking questions about the former first child outside of the elite Oxbridge Academy, police records obtained by the Chicago Tribune show.

A security guard who saw her at the school called 911 on March 7 and told police officers she was a “known stalker of a high-profile student.”

But when officers arrived at the scene, Fiorenza claimed she was only trying to speak to the school principal because she had “conducted her own investigation” into whether Barron Trump was at the school.

Ultimately, the teacher was released with a warning and asked to leave the school premises.

However, just a few hours later, Secret Service agents found her at a nearby gas station and took her back to her hotel.

Tracy Marie Fiorenza, 41, allegedly harassed former first son Barron Trump, 17.Facebook/Tracy Fiorenza

He had previously harassed people at Oxbridge Academy, making several calls in October claiming that school officials were “not following protocol,” authorities said.

In May, Fiorenza sent an email to the school’s principal saying, “I will say I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face any chance I get!”

He followed up with a second email on June 5 saying he would “pump a bullet” into Barron’s head “with his father IN SELF DEFENSE.” [sic]”, according to an affidavit filed by a US Secret Service agent.

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Barron Trump appears in the photo in a suitPolice records show Fiorenza showed up at the teen’s school and began asking questions about him.GC Images

The United States Secret Service contacted Fiorenza later that month to set up a meeting at her local Chicago office, and when Fiorenza was presented with the emails, she admitted to sending them from her home in Plainfield, Illinois, according to the complaint. .

A subsequent investigation found that Fiorenza had been trying to “communicate with people who worked in the White House” during the Trump administration beginning in 2018, and other correspondence with government officials and celebrities claimed she was being targeted by “bad actors.” the prosecutors allege.

He also allegedly claimed that Donald Trump is the leader of a pedophile ring and that the federal government followed his former students in Chicago and used “remote sexual stimulation on them.”

Barron Trump is seen walking with his father and mother MelaniaIn an email sent to the school principal in June, Fiorenza threatened to shoot Trump and his son in the face. REUTERS

In fact, his public Facebook profile features various anti-Trump posts and conspiracy theories about elite pedophile rings in Hollywood.

Some also show Trump hanging from a tree.

“The threats here are extremely violent in nature,” US Attorney Adam Rosenbloom said at a court hearing on Wednesday as he argued that the woman would be held without bail.

She acknowledged that mental health issues could be at play, but said the community might not be safe if she were released on bail.

The Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, FloridaFiorenza was removed from the Oxbridge Academy premises, but Secret Service agents found her nearby just hours later. google maps

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Rosenbloom argued that their previous encounters at the school showed that “these are not idle threats behind a keyboard.”

But Fiorenza chimed in, doubling down on her claim that the school was not following protocol.

“I have been communicating with the school for years, trying to get them to follow the mandatory reporting protocol,” he said. “People are not trained in the technology involved… I was going to hand out flyers to parents warning them before school started because no one was listening to me.”

It’s unclear what protocol he thinks the $38,500-a-year school may have been violating.

A selfie of a blonde womanFiorenza claimed in court Wednesday that Barron Trump’s school was violating protocol. Facebook / Tracy Fiorenza

Her court-appointed lawyer also argued: “There is nothing to suggest that she is actually an aggressive person.”

He added that Fiorenza said that “the psychotronic weapons communicate directly with her head and she’s just trying to stop them.”

“Actually, she would never approach Barron Trump because she is afraid of him,” the lawyer argued. “This is all a bit strange, but it doesn’t say that she’s a danger.”

Ultimately, a federal judge ordered Fiorenza to remain in custody in Illinois pending transfer to the Southern District of Florida.

She is charged with transmitting threats to kill or injure another person in interstate commerce, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

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