COMSATS Scandal University Islamabad Explained, who should be arrested?

A controversy erupted after an Islamabad Comsats University exam quiz asked students to share their opinion on a pathetic situation between a brother and sister. Meanwhile, netizens are curiously searching for Comsats University Islamabad English Comprehension and Composition Quiz. In fact, people are criticizing the university for their pathetic question in a question paper. Meanwhile, a controversy has erupted on social media where countless people have criticized Comsats University. Many people are desperately searching for the matter. Here we have created this article, in the following sections you will learn what the question was and how people are reacting. So, stay attached to this page and you need to go through the following sections.

COMSATS Scandal University Islamabad

The question asked by Comsats University Islamabad describes a pathetic scenario between a brother named Mark and a sister Julie. According to the question, the brothers are traveling to France for summer vacation. One night they are alone near the beach and they decide to make love and have fun together. The scenario further says that it was a new experience for them, the sister and brother use contraceptives. They enjoy making love but decide never to do it again. The question on the stage is what the students think about it and if it was okay for them to make love. Read more: Is Mike Holmes arrested again? Is this what really happened to him?

Students were asked to write responses in at least 300 words. But this question was posted online. Meanwhile, it caught the attention of netizens and led them to criticize Islamabad Comsats University. Mishi Khan took to Twitter and criticized the university by writing Shame on you @Cuisssbc. Your pathetic university should be sealed and the perverted professors should be expelled. whoever asked this question should be behind bars. How dare you ask this dirty question? Read more: Is Bryan Baeumler under arrest? What happened to the HGTV host in Canada?

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COMSATS Scandal University Islamabad

Mishi Khan further added Stop sweeping the dust under the rug to protect the guilty. Is it enough to fire that jerk who asked such a dirty question? Don’t the higher-ups at the university know what’s going on? Or is the #comsatsuuniversity owned by the professor? Stop this pointless rant. Ihtisham Ul Haq said: “What happened in Comsats doesn’t even happen here in the West. Don’t blame West for everything. Certainly the West is not as people in Pakistan fantasize, every public or private school remains supervised by the government which makes sure that nothing objectionable goes unnoticed.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

COMSATS Scandal University IslamabadCOMSATS Scandal University IslamabadCOMSATS Scandal University IslamabadCOMSATS Scandal University Islamabad

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