Cost of a joke: Doctor loses his job for prescribing ice cream and video games to a boy with a sore throat

The work of a doctor is of paramount importance. Due to the nature of their profession, they are expected to maintain professionalism at all times while working. Although things get a bit casual when a doctor treats his minor patients, they play pranks to put the boy at ease.

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Doctor prescribes ice cream and video games for a sore throat and loses his job

Doctor is fired and is prescribed ice cream video games for a sore throatpexel

However, this supposed humor led a doctor to pay a heavy price when a Brazilian mother took her son for a check-up and found this casual humor inappropriate. The mother was not amused when a doctor prescribed ice cream and video games for her son, who suffered from a sore throat.

The mother, Priscila da Silva Ramos, thought the doctor had made fun of her sick son at the UPA Jardim Conceicao in Sao Paulo.

She said B-band, “My son was very sick, he was vomiting, so I took him to seek help from a professional. The doctor replied, he was not even five minutes in the room. He asked me if he had looked at the boy’s throat. I said no, that he was the doctor and the one who had to be looking at the boy’s throat.

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The doctor allegedly advised having ice cream and playing video games in his official prescription

Doctor is fired and is prescribed ice cream video games for a sore throatpexel

Supposedly, the doctor began writing a prescription for the boy without even properly examining him. The doctor then allegedly asked the boy if he liked to eat ice cream. To which the boy replied: “Yes.” The professional asked the boy if he liked chocolate or strawberry ice cream, and the boy chose chocolate.

The mother said: “But until then I did not imagine that he would prescribe ice cream and even video games.” The prescription was a mixture of some drugs and the doctor’s joke, “amoxicillin, ibuprofen, dipyrone, prednisone and acetylcysteine, as well as chocolate ice cream twice a day and Free Fire (a mobile game)”.

According to the Osasco City Hall, the OS (Social Organization) in charge of the UPAs stated that it had fired the doctor from its service delivery system.

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