Couple Just Killed It: Video Of Bride And Groom’s Epic Dance To ‘Lollypop Lagelu’ At Their Wedding Goes Viral

Social media is everything these days, and in an age where anything can go viral, there’s a new trending video on the way.

In the video, the desi bride and groom can be seen dancing on stage to the highly viral Bhojpuri song, “Lollypop Lagelu.” The clip has become an anthem thanks to its infectious beats and foot-stomping rhythm.

The song, originally sung by Pawan Singh, became an instant hit upon its release, crossing international borders and winning the hearts of music fans everywhere. Thanks to its happy music and lively lyrics, dance lovers find in it the ideal song to show their talents and share joy.

It is surely a song that everyone wants to enjoy. So, this couple also couldn’t help but dance to this song.

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The epic couple dancing to the rhythm of ‘Lollypop Lagelu’ shocked the Internet

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Sumit Chauhan W. Singh, an Instagram user, originally shared the now-viral video, and the internet couldn’t stop watching it repeatedly. The desi bride and groom stole the stage in this video with their amazing dance routines, absolutely controlling the dance floor during their wedding ceremony. As they danced to the captivating beat of the song, they exuded elegance and sophistication while wearing traditional bridal wear.

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Viral Video Shows Bride And Groom Dancing To Lollypop LageluInstagram/sumitchauhanwsingh

The duo not only performed with exceptional coordination, but also perfectly executed the song’s signature hook dance, giving their performance an extra touch of charm and flair. Their coordinated moves and contagious enthusiasm provided a mesmerizing sight that won the hearts of viewers on the social media platform.

Let’s see how the internet reacted to this viral dance video

Since the video was shared on social media, it has garnered more than 756,000 views, 31.1,000 likes, and many comments. The mesmerizing performance of the desi couple left online users in awe, and they eagerly shared their emotions in the comment section.

One of the users said: “Getting 36 qualities out of 36… I also deserve a king who can match 36 out of 36 for me.” Another said: “They both got 36 qualities out of 36 😂😂.” The next person said “oh my gosh so good I didn’t get to see this day 😂😂😂😂😂😂”. There were other comments like: “Girls are like that, now show them to auntie 🙌🔥”. “Sister, you will do like this; you are heavy; only marry once 😂😂😂”. “Brother has a lot of fun, that’s life, and everything else is nothing. Hail, Lord Ram.” “The girl turned out to be a spool maker, and now the boy is broke 😂😂.” “If you don’t dance like that, get the barat back 😂😂”.

Viral Video Shows Bride And Groom Dancing To Lollypop LageluInstagram/sumitchauhanwsingh

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