Crawford College Teacher fired over racist lesson, video goes viral on social media

This is to inform you that the teacher who wrote the racist terms on the whiteboard while teaching students at Crawford College has been suspended. The accused teacher was reportedly teaching as a substitute teacher at Pretoria College. Meanwhile, the substitute teacher was recorded while writing and using racist terms on the whiteboard. The video created a stir in the community and led to the dismissal of the teacher for using racist terms while studying pupils at Pretoria College. Crawford International confirmed the dismissal of the substitute teacher. The decision was made after it was reported to the SA Council for Educators. Keep reading this article and learn more details. Not to mention, numerous questions are swiveling in people’s minds about the teacher’s identity and what he actually wrote on the whiteboard. Scroll down.

Crawford College Teacher fired

The accused teacher who used racist terms and wrote on a whiteboard is said to be of 82 years of age. The private education group, Crawford International, confirmed that it would take legal action against him. The identity of the accused teacher has been kept secret but the video shows that the accused is a female teacher. In the video, the woman writes racially offensive terms on the whiteboard and tells students that they are not affected by apartheid. Furthermore, the pupils can be heard gasping when the woman writes and speaks.

[RACIST TEACHER] PAINFUL: Happened At Crawford International, A Private School In Pretoria

Black Parents Are Robbed, Forking Out Some 200K A Year, For Their Kids To Go To A School/Class, Where They’re Taught By Such A Racist Person Clearly Longing For Good ol’ Apartheid Days…

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— Mr. Tshweu (@TshweuMoleme) July 25, 2023

One student said, “This can’t be” and the other student recorded the words written on the whiteboard. The video has gone viral on social media. As per the video, the female teacher was initially using provocative language. This incident reportedly happened on Monday during English class hours. She allegedly told students that they must not be hurt when racially offensive words were used because they were not affected by apartheid. Meanwhile, the Gauteng Department of Education supported Crawford International College’s dismissal of the substitute teacher and fired the teacher.

The Gauteng Department of Education said, “The teacher’s actions are vehemently unacceptable and have undeniable racist undertones which will not be tolerated in any aspect of our education sector”. Matome Chiloane who is Gauteng Education MEC condemned the incident and said, “It is distasteful to see individuals with whom we have entrusted the education of our children using that valuable time to push their own villainous agendas and poison the minds of our learners. We condemn, in the strongest sense, the behavior of this educator and any others who may want to behave in such an unpalatable manner.”

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