Creative Fabrica launches a new AI Art Generator tool

Creative Fabrica, a platform dedicated to creatives where you can find more than 4 million digital resources To unleash your creativity, it has launched an AI art generator, CF Spark Art, which immediately won over creatives around the world, so much so that over 500,000 suggestions were generated within the first three weeks of launch. .

Simplicity, speed, and the ability to create original digital art masterpieces with just a few clicks are certainly some of CF Spark’s strengths, but obviously not the only ones.

Very interesting, for example, is the future possibility offered to Creative Fabrica users to earn money with their creations by sharing AI generative files with other members or by participating in contests organized by the platform. Creatives can win up to $100K, but there is an attractive prize pool even if you place in the last positions.

Despite being one of the newer AI imaging tools, it already looks very promising and new developments and features will be released soon.

What are you waiting for? Read this article and get out there and create your own digital artwork.

What can you do with CF Spark?

Using the CF Spark Art Generator is very simple and suitable for anyone who wants to create digital images, even if they have no experience in the field, but just a healthy dose of creativity.

The tool is easy to use and suitable for anyone who wants to create digital images. This AI-based image generation tool relies on a text description, called immediatewhich is a text string that tells the AI ​​generator how to create original artwork.

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The images obtained from Creative Fabrica’s AI generator are completely square, ideal for use in instagram and other social networks, but also for greeting cards, invitations, stickers, posters and computer graphics, or any other application suggested by your imagination.

It is also possible to generate images from existing notices that can be easily found on the community feed. Support and exchange with other users are important and, in fact, creative factory has always offered this possibility for all its resources, from fonts to graphics and files.

CF Spark generates four images, but you can refine your search by adding other terms to the ad to better determine the style of your creation. For newcomers, you can also check a directions book provided by the platform as a source of inspiration, or rely on promptMANIA, a powerful message generator that helps you achieve a better result by adding some details to your text.

Try CF Sparks for free – let your creative flow begin

If you are a digital artist, graphic designer, enthusiast, student or just curious, CF Sparks Imager is definitely worth a try. You can do it for free: let your artwork take shape before your eyes from a string of text and start from here.

CF Spark Art allows users to create art in the blink of an eye, in fact by purchasing credits you can speed up this process and skip the queue.

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