Cyclist Pulls ‘Unbelievable’ Stunt On New York Streets, Balances Couch On His Head In Viral Video

Chiropractors are wincing everywhere in the world. A daredevil on the streets of New York City indulged in a thrilling session of cycle stunts as passersby gaped at the man’s strength and balance. The stunt cyclist used furniture to his aid and balanced a sofa on his head while he cycled through the busy streets.

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New York Man Balances Sofa On Head In Viral Video

New York Cyclist Balances Couch on Head Instagram

While New York City is known for its bizarre personalities that often go viral on the internet, this new stunt master video was actually a surprise that made their eyes bulge out of their sockets as people watched mesmerised by the astonishing performance of the stunt cyclist.

The cyclist was identified as the Brooklyn-based trick bicyclist Leh-Boy Gabriel Davis, better known as Leh-Boy. The stunt artist is best known for specialising in riding cycles while balancing various odd objects on his head. Previously, the trick cyclist has balanced things like basketballs, garbage cans, and even LED Tv screens while riding his bike. 

After achieving feats that an acrobat for Cirque Du Soleil pulls, Leh-Boy hopped onto his latest gravity-defying stunt. He decided to travel around on his cycle while balancing a sofa, he found on the streets of Manhattan, on his head.

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The Trick Cyclist Used A Citi Bike To Do The Dangerous Stunt

New York Cyclist Balances Couch on Head Instagram

In the viral clip, Leh-Boy is seen using a pay-per-ride Citi Bike as he positions his prized sofa on his head. First, he hops on the bike, and then the stunt master makes sure that he gets the couch on his head in just the right position for it to still stay on his head while he gets on the bike.

Once everything was in place, Leh-Boy began his stunt session and roamed around the streets with the couch on his head. While he did so, the pedestrians on the streets were surprised by the man’s unique talent, as many whipped out their phones to capture the moment.

Check out the video HERE.

Folks on the internet were also completely in awe of the stunt boy’s talent. While many applauded the man’s quirky talent, some armchair chiropractors mentioned how the sofa might be causing multiple neck and vertebrae problems for him.

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