Ride In Reverse? Indonesian Man’s Bizarre Scooter Makeover Confuses The Internet

Normal is boring. People around the world prove their love for the extraordinary with bizarre ideas. One man in Indonesia expressed his mettle for the truly extraordinary by giving a bizarre transformation to his scooter. 

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 Jugaad Makes It Look Like Indonesian Man’s Driving Scooter In Reverse

Indonesia Man Jugaad Reverse Scooter Instagram

At first glance, people on the internet were confused by the man’s innovation. 

The viral clip shows how he settles into his mind-boggling invention and zooms through a busy road in the country. While people travel on their usual two-wheelers, the viral man hops onto a reverse scooter.

The man gave people around him and on the internet a shock when he reversed the functioning of his scooter and made it look as if he was backing up on the road while he had just reversed all the gear and exterior of the scooter.

From the looks of it, the man had attached an extra steering wheel to his scooter and plugged it into the engine through a cavity where the seat is. He also shifted the gears on the scooter and made it so he could reach them while driving the scooter with the steering fitted on the backseat.

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Not Just A Second Steering, The Jugaad Also Involved Reversing All The Other Controls On The Scooter

Indonesia Man Jugaad Reverse Scooter Instagram

After shifting the direction of his new steering to fit into the backseat, the man used what would have been the footrest area for the driver as his seat and the original steering and its accompanying basic front structure as support for his back while cruising on his new scooter.

As the unusual scooter design rode through the streets of Indonesia, locals stared at the bizarre jugaad in awe and disgust. Similar to how the public reacted on the Internet, the Indonesian locals were also amazed and disturbed by the design of the scooter, which confused their minds and even hurt as they tried to figure out the object before them.

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Folks on the internet were more forward about their rage after watching the scooter. People were completely confused and wondered what brought on the inspiration to create something of the sort. While some simply joked and hilariously informed the driver that he was going on the wrong side of the road.

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