Daughter of Omar Chaparro, meets Andrea Chaparro, a young actress on the rise

Andrea Chaparro, the daughter of the renowned Mexican comedian and actor Omar Chaparro, has been the object of interest from her father’s followers.

Andrea Chaparro was born in 2002 in Mexico City, Mexico. Her arrival into the world marked a special moment in the lives of Omar Chaparro and his then wife, actress and model, Lucía Ruiz de la Peña, known for her work in the series “La Hora Pico.”

Andrea is the first-born child of Omar Chaparro and Lucía Ruiz de la Peña. The couple, at that time, was very excited with the arrival of their first daughter.

However, after a while, Omar Chaparro and Lucía Ruiz de la Peña decided to end their marriage.

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Acting career

Her training, however, is as an actress at the Televisa Artistic Education Center, where she entered when she was eight years old and graduated at age 13. This path was the one he followed since then.

Recently, Andrea participated in the new version of Rebelde in 2021.

Omar Chaparro has built a successful career in comedy and acting, while Andrea seemed focused on her personal growth and education.

Andre with his parents.

It is worth mentioning that Andrea first stood out in the theater as part of the cast of Mary Poppinsunder the production of the production company OCESA and of course, the company disney. Bianca Marroquín was in charge of the staging, without a doubt, a great source of learning.

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Then it went to television, although via streaming. His first adventure was to Star+where he shared forums with renowned people in the Mexican industry such as Paulina Gaitán, Damián Alcázar, Gabriela Cartol, Mercedes Hernández, Rodrigo Murray, Gonzalo Vega, Esmeralda Pimentel, among others.

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