Death of Jordi Évole?, the whole truth about the rumors of the supposed death of the Spanish journalist

Learn about the theory of Jordi Évole’s death and discover the whole truth about the rumors of the supposed death of the Spanish journalist.

The news circulating on social networks confirming the death of Jordi Évole in the last few hours, generating concern among the thousands of fans of the renowned Spanish communicator.

However, the news is totally false, since his team, friends or family have not shared any statement, likewise, the communicator was seen through stories on the social network Instagram.

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Likewise, the source of the rumor is unknown, which is false, however, on the Tiktok social network, there is a wide variety of videos, where users claim people from the world of entertainment die repentantly.

Likewise, this type of news only serves to misinform and create confusion among the thousands of followers of Jordi Évole, therefore, it is important to verify the news.

Curiosities of Jordi Évole

  • Jordi Évole began his journalistic career in the magazine ‘El Jueves’ and later worked on television programs such as ‘CQC’ (Caiga Quien Caiga), where he stood out for his incisive and casual style.
  • His greatest recognition came with the program “Salvados”, a space for reports and interviews that address current issues.
  • Évole has conducted interviews with prominent personalities, including politicians, businessmen and opinion leaders.
  • Their provocative style and the way they approach certain topics have generated criticism and controversy. Some praise him for his bravery and honesty, while others criticize him for his sensationalist approach.
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  • Évole has received several awards throughout his career, including Ondas awards and awards from the Spanish Television Academy.
  • In addition to his work on television, Évole has participated in the creation of documentaries, such as “Ciutat morta”, which addresses police action in Barcelona during the 2011 protests.
  • Évole has stood out for its social commitment and for addressing issues related to social justice, human rights and inequality.

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