Dedicated Taylor Swift fans are wearing adult diapers to concerts so they won’t miss a song

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift fans are determined to savor every moment of witnessing their beloved pop star’s live performances.

However, a group of exceptionally devoted Swifties proudly declare their commitment to attend their concerts without interruption, even going as far as donning adult diapers.

These dedicated fans claim that by wearing diapers during Swift’s Eras Tour, they can seamlessly attend to their bodily needs without having to endure the hassle of standing in long lines to go to the bathroom or, worse yet, abandoning their prized seats.

The TikTok platform has become abuzz with such claims, with numerous fans openly sharing their experiences or future intentions to adopt this unusual strategy to ensure an uninterrupted experience during Taylor Swift’s captivating performances.

A widely shared video, which is now private, showed a fan wearing an adult diaper under a stunning gold dress that was a nod to Swift’s well-known Speak Now World Tour ensemble.

In the clip, the fan’s friend jokingly helped secure the diaper, even endorsing its durability by mentioning it as one of the top-rated brands.

In another TikTok post, a fan shared screenshots of a brand of adult diapers available on Amazon, explaining their decision to wear one during The Eras Tour in Houston, Texas.


The fan expressed her determination not to miss a single moment of Swift’s performance, given the immense effort and stress they endured to secure the coveted tickets.

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Another TikTok clip showed a fan contemplating incorporating an adult diaper into her concert attire, jokingly attributing the decision to Swift being “complicated” with her set list.

You know Taylor Swift is just a normal human lol no way am I wearing a diaper sitting in my own pee for too long just to watch someone sing lol

— A.1🗡 (@theamandashow9) June 2, 2023

The fan initially planned to take potty breaks strategically, but is now considering the diaper option to ensure an uninterrupted experience.

A different TikTok video with an audio clip of Swift’s song “I Bet You Think About Me” showed a fan imitating the lyrics while quoting a friend who advised wearing diapers on The Eras Tour so as not to miss any performances.

The excitement surrounding the event was evident.


In a since-deleted TikTok video filmed on The Eras Tour, another fan candidly admitted to discreetly wearing a diaper, emphasizing the secrecy surrounding her choice.


While it’s unclear if some fans are just kidding or actually considering this approach, it’s safe to say that Swift would encourage those who can conveniently access a bathroom to do so during her performances.

The potential discomfort and diaper rash certainly outweighs any perceived benefits of not missing a moment of the show.

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