Did Beatriz Álvarez ‘As the saying goes’ die?, social networks claim that TODAY an actress from the official cast died

Find out why they say Beatriz Álvarez “As the saying goes” died, social networks claim that an actress from the official cast died today.

The news of the death of actress Beatriz Álvarez is circulating on social networks, who is known for her participation in the Mexican television program “How does the saying say.”

However, the actress died on October 4, 2022, in a car accident at the age of 24, as her car left the tracks in an area of ​​sharp curves.

Therefore, the news that Beatriz Álvarez died is true, but the event occurred a year ago, therefore, Facebook pages and people are providing false information with the date of death.

What is the confusion? A Facebook page called “Official Lavanderas” reported the following 3 hours ago; “TV is in mourning: last photo of Beatriz Álvarez causes panic in Mexico”.

Likewise, this practice is known as “Clickbait”, which is used to attract the attention of readers, generating profits with false or outdated information.

Curiosities of “How does the saying say” where Beatriz Álvarez participated

  • Inspiration in proverbs: Each episode of “How the saying says” takes as its starting point a popular Mexican proverb or saying and develops a story around that saying.
  • Recurring Characters: Throughout the seasons, the series has featured a number of recurring characters who interact in the stories of different episodes.

See How the Saying Says by ViXDid Beatriz Álvarez die “As the saying goes”? Photo: Vix.

  • Cast change: Over the seasons, the cast of “How the Saying Says” has undergone changes, with the departure of some actors and the incorporation of new ones.
  • Duration: The series has been on the air for several years, since its premiere in 2011, making it one of the longest-running television productions in Mexico.
  • Moral Teachings: The series has earned a loyal audience due to its focus on conveying moral lessons and values ​​through its stories. Each episode seeks to leave a positive message for the public.
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