Did MSU shooter Anthony McRae commit suicide? 3 dead and 5 wounded

Everyone needs to hear about the case of the deadly mass shooting that occurred at Michigan State University. This case is currently all over the news channel as well as on social media and people want to know every single detail. 3 people lost their lives and 5 were injured and all are in critical condition. The police have released the identities of all the deceased people, however, the details of the injured victims are not yet known, but we hope to find them soon. In addition to all these details, the police also shared information about the suspect.

Did MSU shooter Anthony McRae commit suicide?

People want to know more about the suspect and where he is now and why he killed innocent students. Now new reports are coming in that the shooter in this heinous crime committed suicide. The news of his suicide has come after being confronted by the police. The suspect was Anthony McRae, 43, who killed and injured wounded students. Everyone wants to know why he killed innocent students and what was his motive for killing them. He was a resident of Lansing, Michigan and was born in Delaware. The father of the deceased suspect claimed that he was unemployed and that he was a “bad cross” since the death of his mother in 2020.

Reports indicate that he committed suicide after being confronted by police. He shoots him himself and before the police admit it, he is already leaving the world. During the investigation, officers recovered the deadly weapon, however police have not determined if she was the one who used it while he was shooting. Reports indicate that the shooting occurred around 08:18 pm According to the Public Safety Police and Michigan State University, they learned of the incident and instantly reported to the crime scene. The reports further added that MSU officials sent out an alert tweer, which directed students to “hide, run, fight.”

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The suspect shot and killed two people in Berkey Hall, leaving the building and entering at least two classrooms as students blocked the doors and escaped through the windows. After killing 2 students, he left Berkey Hall and went to the MSU Union Building, where he again killed a third student and injured 5 people. He then he left the north side of the Union and escaped from there and later committed suicide. The suspect was born on June 10, 1979 and was born to Michael and Linda McRae in Bear. He grew up in Trenton, New Jersey, and in 2003 he moved to Michigan and began living in Lansing.

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