Dillon Danis claims he was ‘shadow banned’ after posting raunchy video of Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal

Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Dillon Danis on Tuesday accused MMA fighter Logan Paul of conspiring to “shadow ban” his social media account as revenge for posting a series of attacks directed at his fiancée.

Danis claims his engagement on

The post was one of dozens Danis made as part of an intimidation blitz against Logan ahead of their October 14 fight in Manchester, England, but it may have been the one that pushed his opponent over the edge.

“Shadow banned again, follow me on Instagram,” Danis wrote on Tuesday.

In a follow-up Tweet, he wrote: “I want to cook without overshadowing myself @ElonMusk.”

Danis then blatantly alleged, without evidence, that Agdal used to date Elon Musk and claimed that X’s owner secretly blocked her account as a favor to her.

“They are trying to silence me. Elon is one of Nina’s former partners. I will not give up”. Danis said.

“’Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.’”

MMA fighter Dillon Danis claims he was banned from X after posting a series of targeted attacks on his opponent Logan Paul’s fiancée. Brian Zak/NY Post

In a since-deleted post, Danis shared a screenshot from an undisclosed website that said searches for his username had been “banned.”

Despite his claims, Danis received more than 2 million views for each tweet he claimed was being censored.

Paul has not publicly responded to Danis’ barrage of vulgar taunts.

Logan Paul during the press conferenceLogan Paul recruited Elon Musk to “silence” the attacks, Danis claims. Action Images via Reuters

The jiu-jitsu champion kicked off the social media blitz by reminding his followers that Agdal has a long history of dating superstars in an attempt to unsettle the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

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Danis began posting photos of Agdal with celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Joe Jonasbut it quickly escalated to retouching her in photos with everyone since Hollywood stars to Albert Einstein.

He went even further below the belt this week, posting a series of tweets mocking the model’s body, as well as her sexual history.

Nina Agdal is seen in Soho on October 17, 2016Danis posted an undated video of model Nina Agdal talking explicitly about her need for sex.GC Images

Monday Danis published a video of Agdal complaining about going through a drought.

“This is the longest I’ve gone without sex since I started. It’s obviously driving me crazy. “I’m struggling,” Danis said before delving into more explicit details.

Logan Paul reacts to a rubber header from Dillon Danis during the press conference Paul holds up a rubber head of Danis during the press conference prior to their fight in October. Action images via Reuters

It is unclear when the undated video was taken and if it was before she began her relationship with Paul.

The couple got engaged in July after a year of dating.

According to Danis, Paul has sent multiple cease and desist letters to the wrestler in an effort to exclude Agdal from the pre-match taunts.

Danis apparently has no intention of slowing down, teasing his fans on Wednesday that he has “some epic stuff” on him.

“I can’t wait for you to see it. “I’m nowhere near out of ammo,” Danis tweeted.

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