Does Karate Kid die? The truth behind the rumor of the alleged death of actor Ralph Macchio

Are the rumors about the death of ‘Karate Kid’ true? The news of the death of actor Ralph Macchio went viral on social networks.

Does Karate Kid die? This is what many are wondering on social media, where a rumor went viral claiming that the actor from the legendary movie Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, died.

Ralph Macchio stole the hearts of thousands of teenagers in 1984 when he played the iconic role of Daniel LaRusso in ‘The Karate Kid’; Then in 2018, the actor reappeared when Cobra Kai premiered on Netflix.

Starting with the new series, the actor regained the fame he had so much in the mid-80s.

Currently, the American is 62 years old and although he remains relatively far from the spotlight, he is now part of a crazy rumor that claims he died.

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Does Karate Kid die?

One of the most curious characteristics of Ralph Macchio is the fact that he considers himself an “age swallower”, this is because at 62 years old, the actor still looks 50 years old.

The rumors started on social networks although the specific origin of the user account that made the news viral is unknown. It should be noted that, as is common practice on TikTok, the video quickly went viral.

So far, there has been no official statement that the 62-year-old actor died; so it could be said that it is fake news.

In addition, the actor has remained active on social networks, uploading stories related to his learning karate, specifically, the publication was about the death of Pat Johnson, a martial arts instructor who helped Macchio in the films.

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Ralph Macchio Instagram Story.  Photo: InstagramRalph Macchio Instagram Story. Photo: Instagram

The possibility that this may have caused confusion between the death of his friend and the death of the actor itself is not ruled out.

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