Dr Akshaya Pawaskar Goa Dies While On Duty: What Happened To APS Medical Officer?

Young Shiroda Covid-19 warrior Dr Akshaya Mahukar Pawaskar has passed away. The young warrior Shiroda died at a very young age. This is one of the most shocking news today. Waking up to this news is such a devastating situation for everyone who was very close to her. People are very sad about his passing. He worked at Shiroda PHC since 2011. He breathed his last at the age of 38. She was known as Covid Warrior. She was a doctor who saved many people’s lives during the Covid-19 period. Now read this entire article to know everything about this death case.

Dr Akshaya Pawaskar Goa dies while on duty

Covid warrior Dr Akshaya Madhukar Pawaskar has died at the age of 38. He breathed his last on Tuesday night, August 15, 2023. She passed away when she was doing her duty. She used to work at Shiroda PHC, she has been working there since 2011. Her family is currently mourning the loss. This is very shocking. Her sudden disappearance has shocked her community. She was primarily recognized as a Covid warrior. She was a great person as she gave a new life to many patients at the time of the Covid pandemic. For this work she was titled Covid Warrior. She continues reading.

Akshaya Pawaskar

Dr. Akshaya’s death saddened the community she was close to. She was very popular with the local population. And the most surprising thing is that she was appreciated by the State Government for her great work. She breathed her last on Tuesday afternoon when she was doing her duty. She passed away after performing a medical check-up on a total of 17 patients. Then, around 9:00 pm, she went to the bathroom. Then after some time, some new patients were admitted to the PHC on Tuesday night, so the nurse went to call Dr. Akshaya, and when the nurse tried to wake her up, she was found unconscious. She continues reading.

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Akshaya Pawaskar Goa

At that time, the nurse called other doctors and nurses and they found Dr. Akshaya lying on the bed and she was unresponsive. So the doctors call the Ponda police. And they arrived at the scene and started an investigation. The body has been autopsied and the reports will be published soon. Dr. Akshya’s family is from Malkarne, Sanguem and her last rites were performed on Thursday 17th August 2023.

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