Driver’s beach parking mistake results in BMW being swept away by rising tides, look

Nature has a way of severely punishing sinners and making amends for wrongs. But sometimes carelessness causes natural tides to carry a terrible history.

An illustration of that is this example from the UK. This is what happened that led to a car being swept away in the ocean.

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BMW was washed away after it was parked on the beach

After being parked on a beach by its driver, a BMW convertible was washed out to sea by rising seas. After being abandoned on Trevaunance Beach near St Agnes, Cornwall, on Sunday, video posted online shows the car being swept away by waves and driving away.

The St. Agnes Coast Guard search and rescue team was called to the scene on Sunday, shortly after lifeguards were heard yelling: “You can’t park there.”

The St. Agnes Coast Guard Search and Rescue Team released images and footage of the incident, stating, “The vehicle was finally removed. At 10:19am the squadron dispersed and returned to the station.”

BMW parked on the beach Facebook Screenshot

The video’s caption posted on Facebook reported: “The team manned the Trevaunance Beach car wash to ensure all occupants were out of the vehicle and safe. We remained on scene while recovery efforts were underway and ultimately the vehicle was removed. The team stood up. They got out and returned to the station at 10:19 a.m..”

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The team clarified that they would remain on site until the crisis was resolved and the car was removed from the road. The car was probably rendered unusable after being pulled out of the water.

Water entered the exhaust pipe of the vehicle.

bmw Facebook Screenshot

An online video clip showed seawater dripping from the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. The car was reportedly towed away after being recovered. Parking vehicles too close to water is never a good idea.

This truth of life has become painfully apparent to many homeowners. Recent visitors to Whitstable Beach in Kent were enjoying a nice day when they unexpectedly noticed some strange sights along the shoreline.

The owner made desperate attempts to preserve the hatchback, but the waves washed it out to sea. Video from a local of the incident shows onlookers jumping into the water to try to save the sinking car.

A man walking into the sea in a blue sleeveless top was seen as the car was washed away by the waves.

A second individual was seen a short distance from the car driving a jet ski.

A man in a life jacket tried to grab the car a short time later, but was unsuccessful. More people waded into the sea to save the sinking car as nervous onlookers watched.

One person finally managed to navigate the raging waves to attach a rope to the front of the car. The vehicle was then pulled out of the sea by the gang.

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