Fact check: Is Briana Hampton Arrested? Arrest News Trending On TikTok: Is She In Jail?

Briana Hampton is a successful entrepreneur and social media personality, with a verified Instagram account (@_justbeingbriana) that boasts over 857k followers. Her Instagram bio proudly states that she is the owner of Amoure Beauty Boutique. Additionally, she has a significant fan base on TikTok. Moreover, her Instagram bio suggests that she is also an author, indicating her interest in writing. Hampton often finds herself in the spotlight for various reasons, and recently, she has been involved in a controversy that has once again drawn attention to her.

Is Briana Hampton Arrested?

As of now, there is widespread attention on social media platforms, including TikTok, regarding news about Briana Hampton’s arrest. However, it’s crucial to note that no verified media sources have published any official information on the matter yet. The news about her arrest came to the forefront following a scandal involving her husband, Robert Hampton, also known as mrslatruth. It has been reported that the couple is in the process of getting a divorce, and their strained relationship has become a subject of discussion on various social media platforms. Recently, a reel was shared on Facebook, supposedly containing records of Hampton’s arrest, contributing to the viral spread of the news on social media. As the situation evolves, it’s essential to rely on information from credible sources for accurate updates.

Briana Hampton Arrested

As of the available information, a Facebook page named “Keeping Up Wit Tha D R A M A” shared a reel in which a person asked about Briana Hampton’s situation, questioning if she is currently in jail. The reel attracted many shocked comments in the comment section. The reel can still be found on Facebook, where interested parties can obtain further information. An online report indicates that Briana Hampton is, indeed, in jail. According to the report, she was arrested and booked on July 26, 2023, at 9:11 pm. However, specific details regarding the case have not been provided by the relevant authorities at this time. As the situation unfolds, additional updates may be available from official sources and credible media outlets. In addition to the previously mentioned details, a comment on Facebook caught attention, where a person expressed their observation, “Yal kills me how everyone getting mad about this woman; you go to jail and see how she gonna respond for u.” Furthermore, Briana Hampton’s husband, mrslatruth, shared a post on Facebook that added to the confusion. The post read, “Free #RobertHampton aka #latruth.”

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Briana Hampton Arrested

As of this moment, the mugshot of Briana Hampton has not been released to the public. However, following the viral news of Hampton’s detention on social media, many individuals have been searching for it. According to reports, Hampton is facing charges related to revenge porn. The reel that was shared on Facebook, offering some information on her arrest, indicated that Hampton allegedly leaked her ex-husband’s nudes, resulting in the charges against her.

As of the mentioned incident, Briana Hampton has been arrested and is currently in jail. More details will be provided as confirmed news is delivered. Briana can be found on Instagram, where she has shared some recent stories. Her followers are asking more questions, and updates will be shared once verified information becomes available.

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