Fact Check: Is Catherine Youssef Kassenoff Dead or Alive? TikTok death by suicide hoax trending

The news of the death of a famous celebrity is in the news and people are looking to know the details. Well, we know there are a lot of death news being reported on a daily basis, but some of them managed to make it into the news, and celebrity death news is one of them. However, sometimes this news is found to be false and that is why it is necessary to verify the authenticity of the news and that is why we came here to find the truth about the death of Catherine Youssef Kassenoff. However, at the moment we are not sure about this news and that is why we want to know more details about it.

Is Catherine Youssef Kassenoff dead or alive?

News of Catherine’s death reportedly appeared on the web last week and reports indicate that she died in Switzerland, but no official statement has been issued on the matter. Kassenoff was a former federal prosecutor and attorney in the 4-year divorce and custody dispute with Allan Kassenoff, who is also an attorney for Greenberg Traurig. The couple had 3 daughters together who are currently confused by the viral news and want to know if their mother is dead or alive.

She made the news after she put her career on hold to be the primary caregiver for her children, the Family Court in Westchester County, New York, removing them from her custody 3 years ago. In addition, the former prosecutor was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. Before that, she had cancer in the year 2008 and then in 2017. She recently hit the news after the news of her death started circulating on the web. In a social media post she made on May 27, 2023, she reportedly traveled to Switzerland. She further added that that day she would go to Switzerland for an appointment at an assisted suicide center.

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She wrote that “This is the story that concludes with my own assisted death in Switzerland.” She also spoke of the injustice that took everything from her. She expressed her pain through the post, which reads: “The reason why the courts involved in this horror, where they “temporarily” took custody of me, my personal assets, a house where I owned and used to live, my health , my dogs. , my dignity and my career too. For the past 4 years, it was so that the close to $4 million my ex-husband, Allan Kassenoff, had to spend to just destroy me could be turned over to court-appointed therapists, coroners, attorneys for the children, and the lawyer. for my ex-husband.”

The former couple got married in November 2006. In February 2016, Allan reportedly assaulted Catherine at her home. She was seriously injured and was admitted to the hospital. However, the duo continued to live together, but Allan declared their marriage an “open marriage”.

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