Fact check: Is Omar The Referee dead or alive? Rumor Omar the ref died debunked

Recently, it was reported that Omar, The Referee’s internet meme has surfaced over social media platforms. In this article, Wikipedia, age, and real name have been explained and explored. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the valuable insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Is Omar The Referee dead or alive?

Currently, Omar, The Referee’s internet meme has surfaced all over social media platforms, and following his death news, online users are curious to know more about the referee. Therefore, we are here to provide you all with further updates and valuable insights about the same. Omar is a basketball referee by profession and was known for his amazing catch and a video of him catching a basketball went viral on TikTok. Besides that, there are many people who loved and admired him and currently, the news regarding the referee’s demise has left the sports community in complete shock. Some of the online sources claim that he died due to suicide. Whereas, others could never believe the news and others were curious to know about the meme related to Omar which has been mentioned below.

Read further to know more as we have explained the complete meme story via this article. Omar The Referee meme has gone viral on multiple social media platforms which included TikTok and it all started when Omar was captured in a video catching a basketball. In April 2023, a TikTok user posted a video of the Referee. In the video, it was revealed that he was sitting courtside behind him who catches the ball when it goes out of bounds near him and paused to look straight into the camera. Majorly, the referee’s reaction gets viral, and after that other users started sharing the video with many hilarious captions which became a top meme on TikTok. Moreover, many people hinted that the referee was trying to save the ladies behind the court from the ball.

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Furthermore, it was reported that Omar has been working as a referee for a long time and has been in high school and middle school games for quite some time. Omar has appeared in many TikTok video games where he can be seen being the referee of many basketball games. However, you can find the videos on TikTok too. Besides that, his name came up after his catching a ball video went viral on multiple handles. It was said that he is jut 47 as of the age part and then there are no further details regarding Omar’s early life and family background.

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