Fact Check: Is Saeeda Imtiaz Dead or Alive? Pakistani actress’ death hoax debunked

There is no mistaking the fact that social media is a vicious space for celebrities. Sometimes celebrities got caught up in unwanted controversies and news headlines because of rumors on social media. Recently, actress and model Saeeda Imtiaz was rumored to have died. But it was absolutely fake and fake. However, the news of Saeeda Imtiaz’s death managed to stump and mislead some people. Meanwhile, netizens paid tribute to the actress and sent condolences to her family. But the actress was aware of the rumors of her death. She broke her silence after losing her patience to keep quiet about this matter. What did she say? She must read this article till the end to know what actress Saeeda Imtiaz said about her ongoing death rumors about her. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Is Saeeda Imtiaz alive or dead?

The news of Saeeda Imtiaz’s death was all the rage in recent days, but the actress initially chose to remain silent about it and didn’t give a damn about the rumours. But when thousands of people were shocked and deceived by her death, she decided to address the news and break her silence. The actress cited that her Instagram account was hacked, which is why rumors of her death were triggered. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Saeeda Imtiaz

Pakistani actress Saeeda Imtiaz’s death hoax debunked

The actress shared a video on the internet and spoke about the false news of her death. Saeeda Imtiaz said: “Assalamualaikum, I am Saeeda Imtiaz. I want to inform everyone that I am fine,” the news of her death spread on the internet following an announcement made through her official Insta account. The statement claimed that actress Saeeeda Imtiaz was found dead in her home, but it was totally false because her account was hacked.

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Saeeda Imtiaz

Saeeda Imtiaz

No, Saeeda Imtiaz is not deceased.

The publication that was shared from the official account of Saeeeda Imtiaz did not explain more details about her death. But the actress reacted to the rumors of her death, saying: “I have to say this with regret that when I woke up today I received several calls and messages. He couldn’t comprehend what had happened. This was very shocking.” She went on to say, “My Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked. I can understand people bullying or making fun of others at times, but hurting a person to the extent of their family and their mental health is not acceptable.” The actress hoped that the perpetrator who hacked her account would understand that it was not okay to hurt someone during the month. of Ramadan. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Saeeda ImtiazSaeeda ImtiazSaeeda ImtiazSaeeda ImtiazSaeeda ImtiazSaeeda ImtiazSaeeda Imtiaz

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