Fact Check: Is Seema Haider Arrested? husband Sachin ‘disappeared’ from Greater Noida home

Day by day it becomes disturbing to hear criminal news. The way the crime rate is increasing hints that we humans are coming to an end. Not a single day goes by that we are not hearing disturbing news, one after another the unfortunate news is appearing. Once again we find news of this type that puts a family in trauma. A family residing in Greater Noida is looking for a missing member and is afraid of receiving sad news. We know that missing persons reports are always distressing, putting the family in a state of fear unless the missing person is found.

Pakistani Seema Haider

Is Seema Haider under arrest?

Well, this time it’s not just a missing report, it’s related to terrorism. We often hear news that various people are being influenced by terrorists and are running away from their homes to join terrorist groups. Uttar Pradesh Police are currently searching for a man who is believed to have run away from home. Well, this case is quite complicated and that is why people want detailed information about it. Pakistani national Seema Haider and her Indian husband identified as Sachin Meen have reportedly disappeared from her residence in Greater Noida.

Seema Haider dance video

Reports state that Seema Haider met Meena through an online game “PUBG” that entered India illegally through Nepal. Haider had reportedly been detained by UP police for illegally entering India without having a visa through Nepal. However, later, she was released on bail. Seema was totally into Sachin and due to that she converted to Hinduism and later she married him and started staying in India. However, now new reports indicate that Meena and Haider have been missing since the last day.

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Seema Haider dance video

Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh ATS reportedly launched an investigation to discover Haider’s Pakistani links and the route he took to reach India. Last week, a famous media outlet reported that a senior police officer in Uttar Pradesh shows her concern about possible attacks on Haider after she spoke about converting from Islam to Hinduism to be with Meena. The police are currently searching for the couple and they are thinking that it is highly possible that the couple is trying to reach Pakistan. However, the police also believe that there is a high probability that the couple’s lives are in danger. At the moment, it is difficult to share what exactly happened to the couple, but we hope that the police find them soon.

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