Fact Check: Is Twisten Committing Suicide? Valorant professional player’s cause of death revealed

Twisten, a talented esports competitor from the Czech Republic, has passed away at the age of 19. On Wednesday, Team Vitality released a formal statement confirming the passing of their Valorant Pro player. Karel “Twisten” Aenbrener, also known as Twisten, is an esports player who apparently had excellent foresight. In the competitive EMEA league, he effectively led the team to fifth place. From a very young age, the Volorant Pro player has been dedicated to electronic sports. The 19-year-old found great success in esports thanks to his extraordinary skills. In addition to his popularity, he has a sizeable global fan base. Many questions have been raised in the wake of the passing of the up-and-coming young esports player. What led to Twisten’s disappearance? Did he commit suicide? Scroll down to know everything about this case.

Does Twisten commit suicide?

The cause of death of the young player has not been confirmed by the Twisten team. However, Harry “Gorilla” Mepham, an assistant coach for Team Vitality, said the professional Valorant player committed suicide. Additionally, Twisten’s organization reportedly emphasized the value of mental health in esports when announcing the young player’s death. Additionally, the esports athlete reportedly sought treatment for self-harm at a hospital in February 2023. The Valorous Pro player had reportedly been depressed. A professional esports player for Team Vitality named Karel “Twisten” Aenbrener has passed away at the age of 19. On June 7, 2023, the team released the bad news.


We were shocked to hear of the passing of a pro-Karel “Twisten” Aenbrener VALORIST. His family, friends of his, Vitality teammates, and members of the VALORANT community who have been affected by the news are in our thoughts and prayers, according to a statement from Team Vitality. The team said it would help the late player’s family and team during this incredibly difficult time. The main duelist for the French group was Karel “Twisten” Aenbrener from the Czech Republic. On November 11, 2022, he joined the Valorant team.

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Since then, the late athlete had been part of the team’s main lineup and developed a sizable fan base abroad for his work as Team Vitality’s Jett. Also, the Valorant Pro player was born in the Czech Republic on December 4, 2003. Twisten played for BIG before joining Team Vitality. The 19-year-old most recently participated in FUT Esports on May 25, 2023. With 5,960 rounds played and a current rating of 1.21, Twisten earned a total of $11,887.43. He had notable stats like an average battle score of 255.6, an average damage dealt per round of 161.3, and a kill, assist, survivability, and trade (KAST) ratio of 70.6%. Along with other notable metrics, the talented esports player had a first blood hit rate of 58% and a headshot percentage of 25.4%. His skills and dedication to his club were well known. So this was all about this case. He therefore, stay tuned for PKB news.

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