Finland hands out huge Rs 1 Cr traffic fine to millionaire for speeding

Karma hits hard, especially when the authorities that deliver justice are from Finland.

Recently, a 76-year-old billionaire received a huge traffic ticket of 121,000 euros (more than 1 cr rupees) in Finland. Anders Wiklof was caught on the highway driving 30 km/h over the local speed limit.

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Finland imposes Rs 1 Cr traffic fine on one of its richest men

Finland gives Rs 1 crore speeding ticket to richest manUnsplash

The country is known for imposing fines that are calculated according to the offender’s income and the seriousness of the crime. Wiklof’s speeding ticket was equal to half his disposable income for the 14 days.

However, instead of blaming the system, the millionaire was pretty nice about it all. He told local publication Nya Aland: “I am really sorry about the matter. I had just started to slow down, but I guess it didn’t happen fast enough. Is that how it works.

The millionaire hopes that his fine will help the country

Finland gives Rs 1 crore speeding ticket to richest manalandsbanken

He also hopes the authorities will put his fine money to good use: “I have heard that the government wants to save 1.5 billion euros on healthcare in Finland, so I hope my money can fill a gap there.”

Although he complied with the traffic ticket, he hopes authorities practice perhaps putting a “cap” on the amount an offender is asked to pay.

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For those who don’t know, in Finland, such penalties for traffic violations are calculated based on the offender’s daily disposable income. The country’s police can verify the person’s income by connecting directly to the country’s central tax database.

When calculating, daily disposable income is written down by dividing a person’s daily net income in half. Other Nordic countries follow similar systems of proportional fines after breaking traffic rules.

This wasn’t Wiklof’s first traffic violation

Finland gives Rs 1 crore speeding ticket to richest manUnsplash

When the fine in Wiklof’s case was calculated, it accumulated to be such an astonishing number (worth Rs 1 crore 67 lakh, roughly) not only from his daily net worth but also from his two pending cases of driving on the speed limit on the roads of Finland.

In 2013, he was fined €95,000 (almost Rs 84 lakhs) and then fined €64,000 (around Rs 56 lakhs) five years later in 2018.

Seeing his record from the past, the millionaire was not only heavily fined, but also had his driver’s license suspended for the next ten days.

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