WATCH: Video shows Florida father on strike for school bus help over son’s suspension

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Florida father hits school bus video

Fox News aired video of a fight aboard a Florida school bus on Tuesday, May 9. The publication claims that the alleged attacker, 50-year-old Florida father Esdra Burges-Cruz, punched a bus driver after learning that his son was banned. him from riding the bus for an unidentified reason. The father is charged with three counts, including robbery, assault, battery and a misdemeanor charge of interfering with a school activity. The father can be seen furiously yelling at the school official in the video. He appears to have slapped the school assistant at least once during the fight. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the clerk was intimidated by the suspect. The bus delay due to the altercation was confirmed by the school administration.

The 50-year-old defendant claimed he did not physically harm the employee, according to the arrest report. Instead, he claimed to have taken a document from the school employee’s hand, according to Wesh reporters. Before the incident, Burges-Cruz had no prior convictions. The investigation is ongoing. Social media has apparently contributed to an increase in school violence, according to NBC Miami. The information came to light following an incident in February in which a 9-year-old girl was violently beaten by several youths on a Florida school bus. Videos of altercations and assaults, according to Dorel Police Chief Edwin Lopez, often inspire new cases.

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Florida father hits school bus video

“It’s definitely having an impact and often contributing to some of the crime problems that we have in schools and in the community at large,” Lopez said. Child psychologist Frank Zenere reflected these ideas. “Absolutely, it’s that perpetual reminder of what’s happened that’s played thousands of times in the community, and that just cements in the psyche of these students that aggression is acceptable in certain situations and clearly isn’t,” he added. According to Zenere, schools should encourage students to avoid fighting. Instead, they frequently pull out their phones to record fights.

Video shows 9-year-old Florida girl savagely beaten by two boys in school bus attack

The victim’s mother told the outlet that school administrators are overwhelmed by the spiral of violence in and around the school. Her response was to advise him to enroll his three #USA

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🔥 NEW VIDEO 🔥 Recently, a fight on a school bus in Miami Florida was caught on camera, when a 14 year old boy brutally beat a 9 year old girl.

School violence is on the rise, and fights like this are caught on camera every day.


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