Former police chief’s Apple Watch called 911 after being hit in fatal hit-and-run in Las Vegas

The Apple Watch worn by the retired police chief who was fatally struck while bicycling in Las Vegas alerted authorities to the emergency, playing an alarming automated message while panic could be heard in the background, according to newly released audio from the call 911.

The smartwatch contacted emergency operators when Andreas Probst, 64, fell from his bicycle on August 14 after two teenagers allegedly ran over him while he was pedaling on the side of the road. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital and two teenagers have since been arrested for allegedly intentionally hitting him.

“The owner of this Apple Watch has taken a hard fall and is not responding to his watch,” the automated message says, according to audio footage obtained by TMZ.

The watch then provided Probst’s location and noted that the message would repeat again in five seconds.

As the message continued to play on a loop, surprised bystanders could be heard in the background, according to the audio.

Retired police chief Andreas Probst was intentionally run over while riding his bike in Las Vegas earlier this month. Eva Vlaardingerbroek/Facebook

A man in the background could be heard saying he saw a guy fly off his bike as the car continued to move forward.

“He’s breathing, he’s breathing, don’t touch him,” a woman can be heard shouting to others while a man apparently told the cyclist not to move.

The heartbreaking moment in which Probst was fatally run over was captured on video. It shows the cyclist turning toward the windshield before landing on the side of the road.

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Jesús Ayala, 18, who appears in Las Vegas Justice Court, faces 18 charges, including murder.Jesús Ayala, 18, who appears in Las Vegas Justice Court, faces 18 charges, including murder.FOX5 Las Vegas
Jzamir Keys, 17, faces charges of murder, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.Jzamir Keys, 17, faces charges of murder, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.FOX5 Las Vegas

The driver can be heard asking his friend, laughing: “Ready?” as he sped directly behind the retired police officer.

“Yeah, hit his butt,” the passenger told the driver before the car crashed into the retiree in the now-viral video.

The alleged driver, Jesus Ayala, who was 17 years old during the incident, and the alleged passenger, Jzamir Keys, have been charged with murder and other criminal charges. Both are being tried as adults.

Photos of his reservation were published on Monday.

Ayala, now 18, and Keys were allegedly part of a crime spree that included trying to harm another cyclist before hitting Probst, KLAS previously reported, citing sources and public records.

The other cyclist, 72, who was allegedly hit told emergency services “this car just hit me on my bike,” according to audio obtained by TMZ.

“He got behind me, I was looking at him in the rearview mirror of my bike and I was like ‘oh s***.’ “I got as far to the right, as close to the sidewalk, as I could,” the victim said, noting that the driver was still honking behind him. “He did it on purpose… he could have killed me.”

Probst had moved to Sin City after retiring as police chief in Bell, California, in 2009.

“Andy’s life was stolen by two individuals who did not believe the lives of others mattered,” his daughter Taylor said, calling her father a “man of honor and integrity.”

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