Going below and beyond: China is digging the biggest hole ever to find signs of life inside Earth

China is making human history. One of the largest holes through the earth’s surface is currently being dug in China to find potential life below. The hole will be 10,000 meters deep and will be dug through 10 layers of solid rock.

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China is digging the deepest hole to find signs of life

China digs deeper holes to find signs of lifeYoutube

Although it will take the Chinese a long time to dig such a huge hole into the planet, there is a purpose behind such a drastic experiment. While there may also be fatal consequences to unearthing the unknown, researchers are actually trying to get to rocks and minerals that are up to 145 million years old.

This could potentially mean that they could unearth remains that have been inside the planet since the days when dinosaurs ruled the world. These minerals, which have not been disturbed for millions of years, will have unimaginable potential value.

They also hope to find life down there, as well as expensive minerals. If you are estimating whether they would find hidden civilizations of mole people below, you are sorely mistaken. The kinds of life they would be looking for would have more in common with plankton than monsters, as previous digs found about four miles below the earth’s surface while digging.

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The Soviet Union also tried to dig the biggest hole, but was unsuccessful.

Previously, it was the Soviet Union that tried to dig the biggest hole in the earth. It was about 12,000 meters deep and started with a project started by the Soviet Union, which was done on and off between 1970 and 1995 before the Russians ran out of money and canceled the project.

Sun Jinsheng, an academic with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told the Xinhua news outlet: “The difficulty of building the drilling project can be compared to driving a large truck on two thin steel cables.”

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