Google confirms a separate volume control for notifications and ringtone

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Google suggested that the latest version of Android 13 QPR3 or 14 might have separate sliders for ringtone volume and notification volume. This would make it easier for users to change their audio settings.

In previous versions of Android, users only had a slider to adjust the volume of the ringtone or notifications on their device. However, according to 9to5Google’s sources, there are indications that this could be subject to change in later iterations of the platform.

An ADB (Android Debug Bridge) command was introduced in December, when Android 13 QPR2 Beta 1 was first made available to consumers. This command gave users the ability to create their own individual sliders for “Call Volume” and “Notification Volume”. Device settings, media stitching, call volume, and alarm volume each have their own individual sliders, for a total of five.

However, according to the report, it is not clear when the notification/ringtone size change will be added in Android 13 QPR3 or in the stable version of Android 14 for June.

Meanwhile, Google has made the first public beta of Android 14 available to developers and early adopters, which focuses on user personalization, improved system navigation, increased privacy, and speed.

Google stated in a blog post that it is “launching the first beta version of Android 14 today, building on the key themes of privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user personalization.” “Today we launched the first beta version of Android 14.” The company went on to say that “as we continue to improve the big screen device experience across tablets, foldables and more,” they will. “Android 14”

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