Gpt-4 AI Enabled RizzGPT Spectacle Helps You Talk

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The new RizzGPT glasses have the artificial intelligence of GPT-4 integrated and were created to help you know what to say in different situations.

A group of researchers at Stanford University have developed RizzGPT, smart glasses that use artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to help with complex conversations, such as dating or job interviews.

The tool, created by Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang, works with the powerful GPT-4, Whisper (a speech recognition system), and Monocle’s augmented reality headset. A video shared on Twitter shows how it works.

During a demo, the person uses RizzGPT to answer a question about their React Native skills in a job interview.

The glasses function as a private teleprompter allowing the user to follow the conversation and give the appropriate responses without interruption.

The glasses have microphones that capture the audio of the conversation, while Whisper’s AI converts the audio to text. In this way, the artificial intelligence of GPT-4 processes the information and gives answers that appear on the user’s glasses.

Although it is difficult to read the responses of GPT-4, RizzGPT’s technology is new and combines two technologies of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to offer a unique experience.

With RizzGPT, people can feel more confident in situations like job interviews or dating, as the tool gives them the confidence to approach these situations with more peace of mind.

Without a doubt, RizzGPT is a breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

RizzGPT’s new technology: how augmented reality glasses and artificial intelligence come together to improve our communication skills. RizzGPT is a tool that has been developed to help people in situations where a complex conversation is required, such as a date or a job interview.

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These situations can be stressful and challenging for many people, especially if it is the first time they are facing them.

With RizzGPT, people can feel more secure and confident knowing that they have an AI assistant at their disposal to help them answer questions or keep a conversation flowing.

The augmented reality glasses used in this tool allow the user to see the responses from the AI ​​directly on their glasses, which makes the conversation easier and gives the feeling of a normal and smooth conversation.

Furthermore, RizzGPT’s technology combines two cutting-edge technologies: artificial intelligence and augmented reality. GPT-4 is a very powerful AI that uses deep learning techniques to process and understand natural language.

On the other hand, augmented reality allows users to see digital information superimposed on the real world.

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