Guide to Insert the Cent Symbol in Windows, Word, Mac and Smartphones

We are all very familiar with the dollar sign ($), and it even appeals to all of us when it is accompanied by a number. But have you noticed that little penny symbol (¢) that is also part of the US currency? It tends to be for amounts less than $1, so it’s less appealing, but still, 100 cents equals $1, so you should be just as interested in pennies now. However, the main reason you are reading this is to find out how you can type a cent sign while working on your computer or smartphone.

The penny symbol cannot be found on most keyboards and that is what makes it difficult for those who have to use it every day of their life. You can copy it online and then paste it into your document or, if you’re like me; lazy enough to copy the penny symbol online, then this guide will be very useful for you as I have collected all the shortcuts to avoid future problems; It doesn’t matter what device you use, I’ll just go through my article to learn the keyboard shortcut to create the penny symbol so you can do it.

For the convenience of my readers, I have created bookmarks for each device and program so that you can access your device or program and learn the shortcut for the penny symbol; so now let’s get started:

Cent Symbol: A Brief Introduction

Cent is a currency unit of many national currencies, including the US, and represents 1/100 of a currency unit. For example, 1 USD = 100¢. The word ‘cent’ is derived from the Latin word ‘centum’ which means ‘one hundred’. Cent is also known as ‘penny’ or ‘cent’ with the same monetary value. The cent sign is often written with a stroke on the letter ‘c’.

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If we talk about the use of the cent sign, it is most commonly used in price lists and advertisements to represent the amount less than $1.

  • For example, you can write 63 cents as 63¢, or $0.63.

It is always better to write the value in cents rather than a starting amount of zero dollars. However, it is not as easy to write a cent symbol as it is in the case of dollar signs; don’t label it on the keyboard.

However, being part of Unicode, it is the international standard for displaying text on computers, smartphones, and other devices; that means most modern devices come with the cent sign and there are a few ways to enter it digitally as well.

Type Cent Sign in to Windows

Keyboard shortcut: – Alt + 0162

To type a cent sign in Microsoft Windows, you must use the Alt key in conjunction with a number code that you type while holding down the ALT key on your keyboard.

So, to type the cent sign in Microsoft Windows, type 0162 while holding down the ALT key and then release it, and you’ll automatically enter a cent sign.

NOTE- If you can’t create the cent sign using the numbers in the top slot, you can try using the numbers on the right side of the keyboard.

Use the Windows character map program

You can also look up the Alt code for the cent sign or any other symbol using the Windows Character Map utility, a tool built into Windows.

To use this program:

  • Go to the Start menu and type ‘Character Map’ in the ‘search programs and files’ box
  • Click on ‘Character Map’ in the search results
  • You can search for the symbol by scrolling through the character list which has many symbols; just select the symbol and copy and then paste it to the required place.
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Look for the symbol in the character map

  • Or you can use the search box to type cent and jump directly to the symbol; as you can see, the keystroke for the cent sign is given as ‘Alt+0162’. Select the sign and copy it and then paste it where needed.

Type penny in the search box to find your symbol

Other than that, you can always search for the symbol on search engine like Google or Bing and then copy it from there to use anywhere.

NOTE- If you are working online in Google Docs, you will need to press the same code i.e. Alt+0162 to create a cent sign.

Type Cent Sign in to Microsoft Word

Keyboard shortcut: – Alt + 0162 OR 00A2 Alt + X

To type a cent sign in Microsoft Word, you need to use the Alt key in conjunction with a number code that you type while holding down the ALT key on your keyboard.

So, to type the cent sign in Microsoft Word, type 0162 while holding down the ALT key and then release it, and you’ll automatically enter a cent sign.

Alternatively, type 00A2 in your Word document and then press the Alt key and the X key together and once you release it, it will automatically enter a cent sign.

Also for Microsoft Word, you can use the ‘Character Map’ program provided by Windows or you can simply copy the sign from a search engine and then paste it into your Word document.

Type Cent Sign on Apple MacOS

Keyboard shortcut: – Option + 4

To type a cent sign using your Mac’s keyboard, press the Option key and the number 4 key at the same time; this will work on all versions of macOS and Macintosh systems.

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NOTE- On some Mac keyboards (the UK/European Apple keyboards), the Option key may be given as the ALT key instead.

Use Apple’s built-in character viewer

Another option to insert a cent sign on your Apple device is to use Apple’s built-in character viewer.

  • Hold down the Control and Command keys and press the space bar to open the ‘Character Viewer’.
  • Then search for the penny symbol using the menu or scroll through the list.
  • Click on the penny symbol to insert it into the program you are using.

Type Cent Login on Smartphone

To type the cent sign on your smartphone, you can use the default virtual keyboards on Android and iOS smartphones as they already have a cent sign.

To type the cent sign using other keyboards on your smartphone, you can press and hold the Dollar key $ on the keyboard. Select the cent sign or any other currency symbol you want to insert.

Type Cent Login HTML

Keyboard Shortcut:- HTML Entity Decimal:- ¢HTML Entity Hexadecimal:- ¢HTML Entity Name:- ¢

You can insert the cent sign in HTML documents, you can use the decimal, hexadecimal or entity name.

Here are some HTML code samples to insert the cent symbol in HTML using decimal, hexadecimal and entity name.

This is how you can make a penny sign on different devices and programs.

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