‘Happiness’: catracha returns to Honduras after 9 years in the United States

A young Honduran woman shared through TikTok the happy moment she experienced upon returning to Honduras after nine years living in the United States.

Gabriela (Gaby) Salgado is the proud Honduran who was reunited with her family this Thursday after almost a decade separated by miles of kilometers.

In the company of her daughter, Gaby arrived at a Honduran airport where she was waited for by her loved ones, who took her to welcome balloons.

“Back to Honduras after 9 years,” reads the clip that was accompanied by the song ‘Think of me” by Grupo Mojado, where it is heard that he is going “destined for happiness.”

“What a blessing from God, that is the most beautiful thing, coming alive because there are many who die and do not come back” and “how good; enjoy the family, blessings,” are some comments.

While another Internet user asked him if he had returned legally, expressing concern because he could spend his savings in “the blink of an eye.”

According to what was published, the young woman is traveling in her homeland, since she developed her life with her family in the North American country.

Numbers of Honduran migrants

During Joe Bien’s government, which began in 2021, more than 625,000 Hondurans have entered the United States illegally, according to the Border Patrol (CBP).

While some 4,525 migrants of all nationalities have disappeared from 2014 to May 2023, according to figures from the Missing Migrants Project.

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