Heartwarming story of a Bengaluru car driver who defies the odds to pursue higher education stirs hearts

Life’s journey is marked by twists and turns, and each stage offers the opportunity to reignite passions and open a path to fulfillment. Whether on the threshold of youth or at the gates of maturity, the spark of a dream remains alive.

With experience as a guide, skill as a partner, and wisdom as a beacon, people can break free from the chains of time and hesitation. The stories of those who have achieved greatness in the future are testament to the resilience of human ambition.

Technology and interconnectedness offer unprecedented avenues to learn, grow and collaborate. An Ola driver in Bengaluru is doing the same. Here is his story:

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Higher Education Bengaluru Car Driver

“Introducing Baskar ji, my @Olacabs car buddy today. Today he faced his English work, he is presenting PUC exams this year after having cleaned the tenth place in 1985. he Father of two children, with children in third and sixth grade. Her lasting smile from him was really motivating! @picobengaluru pic.twitter.com/5R21YtdomZ

-Nidhi Agarwal (@Ngarwalnidhi) August 26, 2023

A chance meeting with an Ola driver inspired a social media user to write a moving story on X (formerly known as Twitter). Lead Strategy Specialist Nidhi Agarwal shared a story in a recent post that shed light on the incredible journey of a car driver named Baskar.

Nidhi’s tweet, which contained a photo of Baskar, introduced us to the young man who had recently completed his Pre-University Course (PUC) exams.

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What makes this achievement significant is that Baskar decided to continue his studies after finishing 10th grade in 1985. Baskar, whose children attend the school, told Nidhi about his commitment to personal development and self-improvement.

Nidhi referred to it as a “peak Bengaluru” moment, referring to situations that occur only in Bengaluru.

“Introducing Baskar ji, my car mate from @Olacabs today. He faced his English test today, this year he is writing PUC exams after placing 10th in 1985. Father of two, with boys in third and 6th grade. Her long lasting smile was truly motivating. ! @peakbengaluru,” the post read.

The post was published on August 26. Meanwhile, the popular X account “Peak Bengaluru”, which captures such stories across the Karnataka capital, expressed their love and enthusiasm for her in the comment area through the use of emoticons.


– Peak Bengaluru (@peakbengaluru) August 26, 2023

Age is just a number. You are never too old to do or try something. https://t.co/PDJNz4KcfJ

-karthik (@KarthikTabjul) August 27, 2023

Another car driver went viral last year for being fluent in English.

A 74-year-old car driver took social media by storm in 2022 after a tweet about his English speaking skills went viral. Pataabi Raman, 60, was a retired English teacher who had been driving a car for 14 years for a living.

Nikita Iyer, a Bengaluru-based professional, was initially surprised when she heard her autorickshaw driver speak fluent English, according to the Hindustan Times. She was intrigued and asked how she learned the language.

It was a “very enriching 45 minutes” that followed, in which the 74-year-old driver spoke candidly about his previous profession as an English teacher and other things. Iyer then shared his incredible experience on LinkedIn, where he quickly gained traction.

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