High Level Honkai Star Rail Logistics Planning: Step by Step Guide

Here we are going to provide details about the game Honkai: Star Rail as it is searched for by the public on the internet. The public searches the internet for more information about the game and not only that, they also search for a guide. So for our readers, we have given some information about the game in this article. Not only that, we will also provide details on the high-level logistics planning guide as it is searched for by the public on the Internet. So, keep reading the article to know more.

High-level Honkai Star Rail logistics planning

The gacha role-playing video game Honkai: Star Rail was created by miHoYo and is distributed globally through its subsidiary Cognosphere, also known as HoYoverse. For Windows and mobile platforms, it was released on April 26, 2023; A PlayStation 5 port is planned with a release timeframe of Q4, but the PlayStation 4 version has yet to be announced, as shown in the latest Summer Game Fest video. Featuring characters from Honkai Impact 3rd and gameplay from Genshin Impact, it is the fourth game in the Honkai series.

Logistics Score 15 Best Route

Logistics Score 30 Best Route

Logistics Score 45 Best Route

Logistics Score 90 Best Route

During the Hustle and Bustle event in Honkai: Star Rail, use score-increasing tokens to achieve the highest logistics score in the high-level logistics planning minigame. These are the recommended paths for logistics scores of 15 to 90. Trace a path north from Spices Supreme. Connect Spices Supreme to the tile which will increase your score as you progress. Only twice the road must turn left. Create a path leading from Spices Supreme to the nearest point boost tile. The Pagoda of Elegance should be connected to the score-increasing tile above it, as well as the dock tile in the middle. Draw a line connecting Spices Supreme to the tiles below that increase your score, then follow it to another tile and finally connect it to the leftmost dock tile.

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Goals Prize
Get a logistics score of fifteen Prosperity Certificate x2
Get a logistics score of 30 Prosperity certificate x2
Get a logistics score of Four. Five Prosperity Certificate x2
Get a logistics score of 60 Prosperity certificate x2
Get a logistics score of 75 Prosperity Certificate x2
Get a logistics score of 90 Prosperity Certificate x2

Complete street events

Research storks

The route of the Pagoda of Elegance remains the same. Directly connect the rightmost dock tile to Du’s Teahouse. Connect the leftmost dock tile directly to Spices Supreme. Du’s Teahouse can be reached by drawing a path from there to the bottom left and center series of score-increasing tiles, and then connecting it to the middle dock tile. From the Pagoda of Elegance to the rightmost pier, trace a path along the structures. When you reach a specific Logistics Score for this level, you will be able to obtain 2 Prosperity Certificates. Then, with these, you can increase your prosperity level and expand Aurum Alley. As you finish the street events during the Hustle and Bustle event, you will be able to earn higher scores in this level.

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