How to activate the dark mode of Instagram on iPhone

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Instagram isn’t exactly an app that abides by Apple’s design guidelines (we’ve been without an iPadOS interface for years, and frankly, it’s embarrassing enough already). Still, at least some of the iOS settings are respected in the design. One of those settings is the dark mode, which we can also reflect on Instagram without difficulties. Let’s see how to activate the dark mode of Instagram on iPhone.

iPhone in Instagram dark mode: via iOS settings

The only way to put Instagram in dark mode on the iPhone is to put all iOS in that mode. Instagram always mimics the look of the rest of the system by default, so if iOS is dark, Instagram will be too.

To put iOS in dark mode, you just have to go to Settings, ‘Display and brightness’ section, and there you will find the option to choose between light and dark mode with lock screen previews. The change is applied instantly.

The ‘Automatic’ option allows you to activate this dark mode based on the time, prioritizing light mode during the day or dark mode at night. You can schedule dark mode activation for when the sun goes down or at a manually set time.

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