How to add up to 5 links to your Instagram profile bio? [With Image Guide]

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Instagram has been allowing the publication of links in the profiles of its user accounts for some time. However, until now we were only able to post a single link, which was a major limitation for certain users. This limitation of links in Instagram bio made many users to use the third party solution called: LinkTree. Well, it seems that Instagram has changed, and now Instagram allows up to 5 links in the Bio of the profiles.

If you’ve always wanted to post more than one link in your Instagram bio, you’re in luck because now you don’t have to use third-party services like LinkTree. Instagram has just introduced the possibility of publishing several links in the Bio of your profile so that any user who visits your profile can access them easily and directly without having to leave the platform as was the case with third-party solutions such as LinkTree.

The possibility of publishing up to a maximum of 5 links on your Instagram profile is now available to all users of the official app for both Android and iPhone. It should be noted that you will NOT be able to add links to the Bio of your Instagram profile from the Web or desktop version, you can only do so from the official mobile applications.

Many Instagram users make posts encouraging their followers to perform interactions such as visiting a specific web page to learn more, for example. Until now the problem was that we could only post one link in our Instagram bio, so our followers could only choose 1 link to access. This made us constantly change the URLs of the biography so that after each publication the users accessed the correct page or we used a service like LinkTree from a link we accessed a page where we could already choose between several links.

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Instagram has just launched the perfect solution and that is that you can now publish up to 5 URLs on your Instagram profile, which is really useful so that your followers can interact in a more intuitive and personalized way without having to leave the platform. As an Instagram account owner, you will also enjoy the benefit of not having to constantly change the link, as each post can redirect your followers to the desired specific section or page to acquire the information they are looking for.

With that said, here’s how to add up to 5 links to your Instagram profile bio from the iPhone or Android app:

How to put 5 external links on your Instagram profile with third party tools?

1. Update your Instagram app for Android or iPhone.

2. Open Instagram and access your profile.

3. Once here, click the Edit button just below your bio.

4. When accessing the profile editor you must locate the section: Links

click the edit button

5. After clicking on it, you will now see the option: Add External Link.

Add external links

6. Select this option so that on the next screen you can enter the desired link and even provide it with a title.

Select this option so that on the next screen

7. Immediately you will have to click on Done.

8. Now you can exit the settings to check how the links to the Bio of your Instagram profile have already been added.

added to the Bio of your Instagram profile

9. Repeat these steps up to 5 times the maximum number of links that we can publish in the Bio of our Instagram profile.

How to access the links published in the biography of your Instagram profile?

Now users who visit your Instagram profile will see the first of your added links in the bio along with the remaining number of added links.

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When the user clicks on said link, instead of going to it, a small menu will open with the list of links from your Instagram bio.

It will be in this menu where the user will be able to specifically select the link he wishes to access.

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