How to Clear Discord Cache on Windows, iPhone, and Android

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Do you know how to clear discord cache? After long usage, cache files accumulate in any application or software to speed up tasks and processes. Discord is no different; Like other applications and programs, it uses a cache to reduce the amount of data transferred to and from its servers.

One drawback is that Discord will continue to use the cached version of the files even after they have been updated on the server.

File caching allows Discord to run much faster and more efficiently. Although caching is valuable and necessary in many situations, clearing the cache can help with bugs that have been fixed but are still being experienced locally in the Discord program.

Why is it important to clear the Discord cache?

To resolve specific issues with Discord, try clearing the cache. This can help with issues like crashes or incorrect display of images or videos.

Clearing your cache regularly is essential to freeing up storage space, especially if you use Discord frequently. This will help you recover a significant amount of space on your device. If you’re running low on storage space, clearing the cache can help you free up space.

Improve privacy: The cache can store temporary duplicates of personal information, such as images or messages you sent or received on Discord.

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Next, we will explain how to clear Discord cache on Windows, iPhone and Android.

How to clear discord cache on Windows?

how to clear discord cache on windows

  1. Close the Discord program in Windows.
  2. To continue, type “%appdata%” in the search bar.
  3. Once you press enter, the folder with the given name will appear, and you need to click on it to access its contents.
  4. It will specifically take you to the folder path.
  5. Here, you will need to find the “Discord” folder.
  6. In the Discord folder, look for three folders named:

7. It will be done once you delete these three folders from your Windows computer.

How to clear discord cache on iPhone?

  1. On your iPhone, open the Discord app.
  2. Click on the profile picture in the lower right corner of the interface as soon as the interface appears.
  3. This takes you to a screen where you need to scroll down to the section: Dev Only means developers only.
  4. In this section you must search and choose the following option: Empty the caches.
  5. When you’re done, your Discord app cache will be gone.

Note: If you have an iPhone, please uninstall and reinstall the Discord app to clear its cache.

How to clear discord cache on Android?

How to Clear Discord Cache on Android

  • Open the settings on your Android device.
  • Then go to “Applications” or “Application Manager”.
  • To access the list, find the Discord app and click on it.
  • Now a screen will appear where you must click on “Storage and Cache”.
  • You need to click on the “Clear Cache” button on this final screen.
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That’s all; Removed Discord app cache on Android.

Last words

In conclusion, clearing the cache on Discord is a simple and efficient way to fix problems that affect the performance of the application. You can quickly clear the cache on Discord on your desktop or mobile device by following the steps outlined in this guide and clicking the corresponding buttons.

After clearing the cache, you will be logged out of Discord, so log back in. In addition to improving overall performance, clearing the cache can help free up storage space on your device and remove temporary files. Always clear the cache from time to time so that Discord can keep running smoothly.

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