How to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 – Different Methods to Download YouTube Videos to Mp3


Have you ever been online watching YouTube videos and just saw some content that you just have to turn off the audio? It could be a Dave Chapelle comedy skit, a motivational speech, a Ted talk, a song or instrumental, DIY videos, or a religious sermon.

We’ve all been there, and sadly, most people end up screen recording or saving the video for offline viewing. So, it should be a good news to know that you can get the audio of your favorite YouTube video, be it white noise or inspirational message, with the use of video converters.

Read on as we find out what video converters are and how we can use them to convert YouTube videos to mp3 and other audio file types like mp4, wav, and flac.

What are video converters?

Video converters are software, computer programs that are designed to help you change the storage format of a digital video like mp3juice.

It does this by either recompressing the video into another format with a process called transcoding or by leaving the video format constant while changing the container format.

Different Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3

YouTube does not have a video conversion feature to help you convert videos to mp3 files, that’s why third-party software is required. There are two ways to get the mp3 of a YouTube video using this YouTube to mp3 converter; in your browser and through an application or software:

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1. How to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files using your browser

Several sites are capable of doing the job, but for today’s purpose, ontiva will be used, solely because it has the added feature of allowing you to crop your video before conversion -converter

Step I: Copy the URL of your selected video

Step II: Open your browser (preferably Chrome) and enter the URL:

Step III – Paste your YouTube video URL in the blank space and click “Start Now”

Step IV – Select your preferred format and also use the special ‘crop’ feature if you wish

Step V: Click the download button and boom! Your video will be converted and downloaded directly to your device storage

2. How to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 by App

Like the website, there are also a lot of mobile software that can perform this function. Tubemate is one of the largest video converter apps out there, it is easy to use and takes up relatively little storage space. Below are the steps to use Tubemate to convert your YouTube videos to mp3;

Step I: Download the Tubemate app from the official website

Step II: Copy the link of the YouTube video that you want to convert to mp3

Step III – Open the Tubemate app, paste the YouTube video URL in the search bar and select search

Step IV: Click on the ‘Red’ download sign at the bottom right of your screen

Step VI: Select your preferred audio format and click ‘Download’

As stated above, the process is pretty straightforward, the only time consuming part of this procedure is the conversion/compression. The time it takes depends on the software you are using and the capabilities of the device.

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Pros and Cons of Converting YouTube Videos to Mp3

YouTube, though a leading video sharing platform, is very popular among music lovers who prefer to enjoy their music in audio format. That is why the need for YouTube video converters arose. Below are the positive and negative aspects of this development;


1. As stated above, YouTube to mp3 conversion is done using compression, and this could result in the loss of more than 90 percent of the original recording data. Despite this, there is usually no significant drop in sound quality.

2. Even the tallest mp3 extensions are relatively smaller in size compared to video formats. This means that having a device with low storage capacity is not a barrier to having a lot of mp3 files, unlike videos that take up much more space.

3. When a YouTube to mp3 compression runs correctly, it results in the discarding of unnecessary information that is recognizable by the human ear. This saves much more space.

4. The flexibility of this process means that you have power over the amount of data that is lost during compression. This will depend on your preferences; more storage space or better sound quality, since more compression means loss of quality.

5. It reduces data usage because you can save these files to your offline storage space. This means you won’t have to stream online every time you want to listen to it.


1. Because mp3 files do not use the lossless algorithm, compression usually leads to lower audio quality. This is why using a YouTube video converter results in lower file size and relatively lower quality.

2. The quality of the audio after compression depends on the conversion software used for the job.

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3. There is a higher security risk from malware, this is because mp3 extensions are much more susceptible to virus attacks that could harm your computer or other devices.

4. This process puts a big dent in the content creator’s revenue stream as they get paid per views. If you choose to listen to the ml3 instead of coming back to the channel, you are hampering your main source of income.

5. Converting YouTube videos to mp3 has led to an increase in music piracy as cheaper ways to get the audio files emerge.

Is it legal to convert YouTube videos to Mp3?

YouTube is among the most popular websites on the internet, with more than 5 billion videos viewed every day and 300 hours of images uploaded every minute. This makes it a great place for artists to promote their music videos, which has led to a lot of music being copied and posted online for free.

Although YouTube has threatened several online video converters with lawsuits, nothing serious has ever been done about it. So even though it’s against their terms of service, it’s not illegal to convert YouTube videos unless they fall under copyright law, in which case you can be fined.


YouTube video converters have become so popular in this decade mainly due to the huge influx of new music. They’re fast, simple, and download YouTube videos directly to your storage space with little to no hassle. Converting YouTube videos mp4 to mp3 has never been easier and while we know it strays from the unethical line, we have no choice until some convenient alternatives come along.

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