How to fix Xbox error code 0x80070490?

The Xbox error code is another error code 0x80070490. People are facing issues with how they can fix the error. You will get complete details about the Xbox error code 0x80070490 in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Why did the Xbox error code 0x80070490 occur?

Xbox error code 0x80070490 often occurs when someone tries to use some particular features of the Xbox console. This error occurs due to system updates, accounts receiving changes, or network connectivity. It can also be a sign of corruption or a problem with the Xbox system files. If the update cannot be installed successfully, it shows this error. It also indicates some errors in the installation process. If the file becomes corrupted or damaged, this may show the same code error again. An unstable connection can be the cause of the error. People are curious about the ways to fix error 0x80070490 on Xbox series.

The ways to fix the error 0x80070490:

  1. Check the Internet connection: It is important that the connection is stable. If there is wifi, it will provide better stability.
  2. Restart your Xbox console – Another way to fix your Xbox console is to turn off your Xbox console. After disconnecting from the power supply. It is important to wait a few minutes and then plug in again.
  3. Console update: It is important to update in case new updates are available.
  4. The following steps must be followed to update to the latest version. First, you need to turn off the Xbox for 10 seconds. After it turns off, unplug the console and wait 10 seconds.
  5. The next step is to turn on the Xbox button on the console.
  6. After the update, if the problem persists, the next step is to check the account settings. It is important to have information about whether Xbox is up to date or not.
  7. The following steps are followed to see if an account is a real account, go to settings, select an account and then tap on its information.
  8. It is important to delete the local save game. For this, you first need to go to settings, then select system and storage.
  9. You can also reset your console to resolve the issue.
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It was all about the Xbox error code 0x80070490. If you try all of the above, you can simply perform the steps mentioned above. We keep providing such details on our website about all game errors or troubleshooting. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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