How to save WhatsApp photos and videos to an external SD card?

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Are you looking for a way to save WhatsApp photos? We show you how to configure our WhatsApp application. So that it does not automatically download the files (photos, videos, etc.). That we receive in the chats of the application.

In this way, we could save storage space on our devices. Since WhatsApp, by default, all decks receive files in the media folder which is located in the internal storage of the Android device. There is no possibility to save them directly to the external SD card.

This means that it is quite common that with the number of files we receive through WhatsApp, the internal storage of our Android Smartphone fills up, leaving no space for other operations or applications. This is why many users are looking for a way for WhatsApp to save received photos and videos directly to the external SD card and leave the internal storage for other operations or applications.

Well, although WhatsApp does not allow this operation to be carried out by default and automatically. In this tutorial, we want to show you two ways to solve this problem. One of them will allow you to save all the files received in WhatsApp Chats directly to the external SD card; however, for this it will be necessary to root our Android device. The second of the methods does not require root but requires manual interaction with the received files.

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Save the Files Received in WhatsApp Directly in the SD Card of your Android Phone

The first thing we will have to do is go to the Google Play application store to search for and immediately download the FolderMount application.

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As we have mentioned, in order to use this application and save WhatsApp files directly to the SD of your Android device, you must be Rooted. FolderMount app is an app that basically moves files stored in a specific folder to a different folder automatically. Also, once you have moved the files, it creates a link between the old folder and the newly selected or created folder.

In this case, we want to move all the files received in WhatsApp chats. We must move the folder: /storage/sdcard0/WhatsApp to a folder that we will create in: /storage/sdcard1/WhatsApp.

That being said, the next thing we will have to do is open the FolderMount app as superuser. Once the application interface is displayed, you need to click on the + icon to add the destination folder. This icon is displayed at the top right of the window.

This will take you to a new screen in which you will have to name the destination folder (In our case WhatsApp). In the Origin field, we must indicate the exact location of the original WhatsApp folder. Which is normally located in the path /storage/sdcard0/WhatsApp. To do this, click on Source and select the WhatsApp folder. However, this folder may be in a different location on your Android device. Once selected, click on the V-shaped button located at the top right of the window.

This will automatically display a message asking if you want to create a destination folder automatically. If you click on Yes and the FolderMount app will automatically create a folder on the external SD memory with the name WhatsApp, specifically in the path: /storage/sdcard1/WhatsApp. However, if you prefer to indicate a specific folder on the external SD card. You need to click on the NO option and indicate the exact path of the destination folder.

Finally, you need to click the option Exclude from scanning at source; Thus. We will prevent WhatsApp media files from showing twice in the Gallery app. The next step will be to validate everything by clicking on the V-shaped icon that is displayed at the top of the screen.

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Choose whether or not to move everything from the source folder to the destination folder. If the destination folder is empty (which will be the case if it was created automatically using FolderMount), you should choose the “Yes” option. Suppose you have chosen the destination folder and it is not empty. It is best to choose the “No” option and manually copy the files or folders to the destination folder indicated in the FolderMount app. To carry out this procedure, you must use the file manager of your Android device.

Note: If you move all the files from the source folder to the destination folder, you need to wait until the whole process is finished (this will depend on the number of files).

Now you must locate yourself within the app, more specifically in the “List of folder pairs”, to be able to activate the switch next to the pair created with the name of WhatsApp. This will confirm the link between the source and destination folder and that the destination folder will appear as the source folder.

From now on, all files received through WhatsApp Chats will be automatically saved in the folder created on the External SD memory card. This will help you maintain free space on your Android device’s internal memory.

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Copy Whatsapp media folder to external SD memory

If you do not have a rooted Android phone, in this case, your solution will be to move the media folder within WhatsApp to the external SD memory card manually. This folder is the one that contains all the multimedia files that you have received in WhatsApp chats.

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To do this, you will have to open the File Manager application and go to the device storage or also called SDcard0. Once inside, you must locate and access the WhatsApp folder.

This is where you’ll find the Media folder, which you can select and move. Once you have decided to move it, this folder should be moved to the external SD card. So you will need to go back to the File Manager to select the option External SD or SDcard0 in this case. Once here, you will only have to paste the folder.

Once the folder is in the external storage of our device, you will see how its entire size will have been released from the phone’s internal storage space.

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One trick that you might find useful is to change the default storage disk of your Android device. In this way, all downloaded files, including those of the WhatsApp app. It will automatically be stored on the external SD memory card.

To do this you will have to go to the Settings of your Android Smartphone. Once inside, look for the Storage option, which you must access. Once inside, you will find the two storage drives of your device: Internal Storage and External SD Storage.

Surely in your case the internal storage is marked, in which case you should mark your SD memory card as default. This will cause all downloaded files to be automatically stored on the external SD card from now on.

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