How to upload a video to YouTube in 5 steps?

Do you know how to upload a video to YouTube? Uploading a video to YouTube is very simple. But when it has never been done, you can make mistakes that will affect your eyesight. Pay attention to the following tips, so that you can succeed uploading your first video to YouTube.

Uploading videos to the Internet has never been so popular before. It attracts some people by giving them the opportunity to earn money. Also, some people are becoming interested in YouTube because of their love of art.

YouTube has opened a very wide door to achieve these objectives, managing to position itself as the number 1 multimedia playback portal on the network.

How can you upload a video to YouTube?

Now without further enthusiasm, I want to show you the steps to follow to upload a video to YouTube:

Step 1: Create a Gmail account

Like every process in life, everything has a beginning. And in this case, the first step to upload a video to YouTube is to create a Gmail account. This platform only belongs to the giant Google and as a vital requirement to enjoy your own space on YouTube is to create an account.

If you already have an account, simply sign in. If not, you need to go to Google and in the top right corner click on Gmail. Then, press the “Create account” option.

Now you have to fill in the boxes with the information:

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– Names and surnames

— Email Name

— Sex, date of birth

– Alternative email

— Your mobile number for verification.

With the completion of the form, click “Next”. If there are no problems with the data entered by you, it will show you that you already have your account created.

Step 2 – Customize your YouTube channel

If you have your Google account logged in, it will automatically detect your session when you enter the YouTube portal. You can verify that you are already logged in by looking in the upper right corner for “the icon with the image” that you have assigned to your Google account. By clicking on that icon, you can also view the details of your account information.

Otherwise, simply sign in to YouTube with your Google account information.

Next to the user icon, you will see the “Upload” button that you must press. It is a window in which you will see for the first time. It will guide you until you model your account.

Videos uploaded by you appear with your name, a pseudonym, or even a company. Click on the link: “To use a company name or another name, click here” and define the name in the next window according to your preferences.

Finally, click on “Accept” and you will have your own YouTube channel available.

Step 3: Now you can upload videos to YouTube

I want to guide you like this; Don’t just upload a simple video, but get a good standing in the YouTube community.

When you get the window of “Load video files”, you can click the option – “Select files from your computer” and choose the video saved on your PC or just drag the video and run it.

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It will take a little time to load the video and when it is done, you will see the video link posted on your YouTube channel. But you should keep in mind that the loading time will depend on its size and the connection speed you have.

Now you will have available the different parameters to define the presentation of the video: Title, description, tags, category, privacy.

Step 4: Define the video parameters

While the full video is uploading, it is important that you consider the following parameters in order to be successful.

Title: The title of the video should be very attractive, which is the key for the related searches of the network. The names of the type videos — 12345.mp4 — do not contribute anything and make it difficult to find them.

Description: This section should be used to outline the most outstanding features in a schematic and attractive way. You have the visibility of 350 characters that you must use to implement SEO positioning techniques for YouTube.

You have a total of 300 words that you can develop and you can also include links ( to direct your viewers to portals of interest.

Tags: Now you can have the extra bonus of being able to use # to highlight keywords in your video.

Category: Choose the category that best identifies the topic raised in your video.

Make it public (or not): You should be aware of tagging it as public so that anyone can easily find it while searching the platform. If you want a bit of privacy, you also have the options: private, hidden, and scheduled.

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Step 5: Select the thumbnail

When the video has been uploaded, it needs the first presentation image to evoke its full potential. To do this, you need to define the thumbnail that will represent the video. Remember, sight is the sense that attracts attention, so choose the best image.

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