Huge McDonald’s order filed in court during Trump fraud trial

A large McDonald’s order was filed in a Manhattan court on Monday as former President Donald Trump fought a $250 million civil fraud case.

Suited employees were seen dragging bag after bag of McDonald’s iconic Golden Arches to the Center Street complex during a lunch break for the proceedings, in which Trump is accused of inflating the value of his business empire by a sum of 2.2 billion dollars.

Although it was not immediately clear who made the order, the former president’s abiding affection for Mickey D’s is well documented.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and former senior adviser, wrote in his 2022 memoir “Breaking History” that the 2024 Republican nomination front-runner’s favorite meal from the American burger chain included a Big Mac, a filet of fish and French fries. . and a vanilla shake.

Trump’s love of fast food was frequently on display during his tenure as commander in chief. In January 2019, he greeted the NCAA National Championship-winning Clemson Tigers football team at the White House with a smorgasbord of McDonald’s burgers and Chick-fil-a sandwiches.

Trump’s love for McDonald’s is well known. Instagram

“We have Big Macs, we have Quarter Pounders, we have everything I like and you like,” Trump said at the time.

Although he faced criticism, both for the menu and for hosting the event in the midst of a partial government shutdown, Trump was undeterred, in his usual style.

Just two months later he hosted the Division I FCS champion North Dakota State Bison in the White House Diplomatic Room, which was adorned with mounds of fast food, including McDonald’s.

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Then-President Donald Trump speaks next to the fast food he bought for a ceremony honoring the 2018 College Football Playoff national champion Clemson Tigers.AFP via Getty Images

But if the high-calorie lunch was sent to the former president, it was evidently not enough to curb Trump’s “hunger.”

The former president angered reporters outside the court during a lunch break by saying the trial was “interfering with an election,” calling it “a disgrace.”

Much of his anger was focused on New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron, the judge overseeing his fraud case.

Giant McDonald’s bags were brought to court on Monday during lunch

“This is a judge who should be out of office. “This is a judge who, according to some people, could be criminally charged for what he is doing,” Trump said. “The judge should be disqualified, he should not be allowed to be a judge,” he continued before turning to leave.

The fraud lawsuit, filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accuses both Trump and his sons Eric and Don Jr. of a decades-long scheme to benefit financially by overstating the value of the Trump Organization’s real estate holdings. Trump’s two children, the former president and his daughter Ivanka, are on the witness list.

The bench trial is expected to conclude at the end of December.

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