Husband of Ariadne Díaz, he meets Marcus Ornellas, with whom he has a love story on screen and in real life.

The Brazilian actor is one of the luckiest men in the world, as he shares his life with one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Mexico.

Ariadne Díaz’s husband, Marcus Ornellas, met the actress in 2014, when they starred in the telenovela “La malquerida.” At the time, they were both single and began a relationship that eventually turned into something more.

The couple married in 2016 in an intimate beach ceremony. In 2017, Ariadne Díaz gave birth to her son Diego.

Marcu Ornellas' sexy dance to his wife Ariadne Díaz |  people in spanishAriadne Díaz and her family.

Marcus Ornellas and Ariadne Díaz are a very stable and happy couple. They have shown their love in public on numerous occasions and are an inspiration to many.

Do you have plans to have more children?

In a recent interview, Ariadne Díaz said that she would like to have more children with Marcus Ornellas.

However, the couple has not confirmed whether they have plans to expand the family in the short term.

Marcus Ornellas is a Brazilian actor who has found love and happiness with the Mexican actress Ariadne Díaz.

The couple is one of the most beloved in show business and is an example of love and family.

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