‘I felt a jolt in my ribs’: French woman struck by meteor while enjoying coffee on terrace

A French woman was struck by a meteor while having coffee on her terrace with a friend in an incredibly unusual astronomical incident, Newsweek reports.

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Woman struck by meteor while enjoying a cup of coffee


The event occurred on July 6, while the woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was sitting on an outdoor terrace with a friend. A strange rock hit her in the ribcage.

“I heard a loud ‘Poom’ from the ceiling next to us. I felt a jolt in my ribs the second that followed. I mistook it for an animal, a bat! We assumed it was some cement, the kind we use.” on the ridge tiles, but it lacked colour,” the woman told the French publication Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace.

To find out what happened, he had a local roofer examine the rock. The roofer informed him that it was not made of cement and looked like a meteorite. He also introduced it to geologist Thierry Rebmann, who proved its extraterrestrial origins.

The meteorite unusually contained a mixture of iron and silicon.

The geologist noted that the meteorite contained a mixture of iron and silicon, which is not unusual in itself. However, it is quite rare that people are surprised by such things.

“Finding a meteor is quite unusual, but being in direct contact with one and having it fall on you is astronomically rare,” explained Dr. Rebmann.

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He went on to say that seeing meteors in moderate climate zones like France is much rarer.

“They are extremely rare in our temperate environments.” They are mixed with other elements. “On the other hand, we can more easily find them in a desert environment,” Dr. Rebmann explained.

Meteors are ‘space rocks’ that survive Earth’s atmosphere and fall to the ground. According to NASA, almost 50 tons of meteorite debris falls to Earth every day.

According to CBS News, a probable meteor struck the roof of an American home in New Jersey in May of this year.

A four-by-six-inch item struck a ranch-style home on Old Washington Crossing Pennington Road, causing damage to the hardwood floors, according to the Hopewell Township Police Department. Family members were not inside the home when the collision occurred.

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