Important Applications Every Manager Should Know About

Everyone who works in an organization dreams of having a high-level executive position as a manager, but few people know the reality behind this position. Being a manager can be very stressful because every decision he makes is his responsibility and he must manage all the processes in his charge efficiently and effectively. Also, you must stop thinking that a manager is a “boss” but rather a “leader” who must constantly motivate his work group.

Properly managing the workflow of processes is part of an administrator’s responsibilities, so they need some workflow application for workflows. If you’re curious about some of these apps, we recommend you sit back and read on:

1. clearance

Communication between departments and management is essential to have a good workflow. Slack is an application dedicated to online messaging, but with the particularity that it has specific channels where communication can be organized by department or project. This app saves you hundreds of emails a day and enables instant communication for a more effective workflow.

2. Google Docs

How many versions of the same file should there be? We think one is enough, but there are always fixes, so there are hundreds of versions of the same file. However, it is possible to make corrections, annotations and comments on the original file in real time with Google Docs. This platform allows you to maintain the files centrally, and anyone (with author permissions) can edit and correct what is necessary.

In other words, with this software you can simultaneously create, modify, correct, comment and share a file with less than three clicks.

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If you are a manager who is a fan of taking notes on all the essential things in the department, Evernote is a great solution for you. Evernote is a tool where you can annotate any meeting data, save annotation photos, capture web pages, mark up PDFs or images with a pen, and keep all your project tasks in order.


Do you remember the problem that there was with the COVID-19? Video Conferences were the salvation of many organizations that needed to continue their operations digitally. In this case, Skype is a tool that allows you to have video conferences with up to 100 people simultaneously and allows you to share your screen if you have any slides to show. Also, Skype allows voice calls and instant messaging.

It is one of the essential workflow applications of the 21st century because it enables better workflow and improves the flow of information.


Managing projects and assigning tasks can be complicated, but Trello makes this responsibility easy. Trello is a project management software that separates the project into four columns: resources, pending, pending, and finished. Here you can see the progress of the activities assigned to each person and allow the team to work much more together.

Trello is a workflow app made just for projects. In other words, it is a software that solves the main problems that cause a lousy workflow and improves the management of any project. Additionally, some of the functions that you can have with Trello are:

  • Carry out exhaustive monitoring of activities.
  • Add, delete, or modify project activities
  • Set deadlines for critical tasks
  • Assign responsibilities to group members.
  • Tracking of projects and workflows
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Every manager should be aware of thousands of apps, but our shortlist contains the best apps that could make your life much easier. Plus, most of these apps are free, so you won’t have to spend as much money on an expensive workflow app. However, some paid workflow apps are better than the free ones.

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